Roger Hicks
Roger Hicks
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Don McManus
First Appearance
An Inconvenient Lie
Last Appearance
An Inconvenient Lie
Full Name
Roger Hicks

Manner of Death
Stabbed in the chest by Dexter Morgan.
46 (at death)
Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Car Salesman
Killer Profile
"No Known Alias"
Number of Victims
Modus Operandi
Killing Method
Raping and brutally beating his victims to death
Method of Disposal
Hicks seems to hold a deep-seated hatred for women, seeing them as ungrateful.
Roger Hicks is a Character in DEXTER. He is a car salesman working at Gulf Shore Motors, who brutally raped and killed at least two women.


Though he maintains a friendly facade and has the ability to smooth talk his way into people's good graces, Hicks seems to hold a deep-seated hatred of women.


Dexter Morgan's research showed Hicks was suspected of raping and beating at least two women to death in their homes. Both were young, attractive, single, lived alone and recently tried to buy a car from Hicks. Dexter went to Hicks' car dealership to get a sample of Hicks' DNA, but Hicks' quick wit and smooth talk convinced him to buy a minivan. Dexter managed to take some hair from his comb, but discovered that he wore a wig.

Dexter returns to the car dealership and takes a DNA sample from out of Hick's trash, which verified his presence at both crime scenes. Dexter discovered that Hicks ran credit checks on the women to get insight into their privates lives, finding out if they lived in homes or apartments and if they had any pets, making it easier to identify which women would be easier targets. He covers his tracks by getting the women a deal at another car dealer, thus hiding his own presence in the paper trail.

Dexter suspected that Hicks might try to kill another woman he awkwardly meets while waiting in his office named Allison Sera, so he confronts him that night as he leaves the car lot. Hicks tries to avoid getting into a conversation with Dexter about his minivan, but Dexter calls him on his many bluffs. An agitated Hicks then drops his facade and admits he just doesn't give a shit about Dexter's car questions and tries to leave, but Dexter captures him, using his new spacious minivan to transport him to one of the homes at which Hicks murdered a woman named Ann Cohen.

At first Roger tries to convince Dexter that he is innocent and that Dexter should let him go. When he tries to bargain with Dexter and offer him a free car, Dexter again calls his many bluffs and admits he is impressed with just how good of a liar Hicks is, saying he thinks the secret is just not giving a shit. Though Hicks claims to care, he reacts strongly to a momentary reflection Dexter has on his relationship with Rita. Hicks quickly becomes angry, going as far as calling Rita a cunt, which causes Dexter to immediately slam a knife into his chest.



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