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Roberta Perry:

Roberta Perry: Abusive Mother

Roberta Perry is a character in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER

Her son, Neil Perry, tried to take credit for being The Ice Truck Killer. Roberta was found buried and partially dismembered.


Roberta’s remains, with an arm and leg sawed off, are discovered buried next to Neil Perry’s mobile home. At this point, the police suspect Neil as The Ice Truck Killer, with his mother possibly being his first victim.

Angel Batista presents a profile of Neil at the station. Neil is described as a computer expert with an I.Q. off the chart, and a loner with no priors. His father split when he was six.

Roberta, identified via dental records, was an abusive alcoholic who beat Neil as a kid. He kept his mother’s death quiet and cashed her Social Security checks for the last two years. However, the police do not think he killed her for the money. They believe that Neil wanted “release” because Roberta ran her son’s life and controlled him. Debra Morgan says he likely dreamed of killing her for years


  • Based on decomposition, she's been tits up for two, maybe three years." - Vince Masuka when finding Roberta's remains

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