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Roaring Forks Summer Camp is a location in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

It's a summer camp in Iron Lake.


While the rest of the town is searching for Matt Caldwell, Audrey and some of her friends take Harrison up to Roaring Forks, which is currently closed for the winter. As they arrive, Olsen's helicopter flies overhead, and the kids hide against the cabins to avoid being seen. Zach Wright tries to break into a cabin but it has a new lock on the door. Next, Scott unsuccessfully tries to break in the door by force. Harrison speaks up to say that he's "got it" and easily removes the lock. Smiling, Audrey tells Harrison, "Mom is really not gonna like you."

Inside the cabin, the group plays music and smokes pot. Harrison refuses to take Audrey's joint so she passes it to Scott. Zach asks Harrison if he’s “straight edge” and Scott asks if he's “Mormon.” Harrison tells them that he has a history with drugs but got clean a couple of years ago. Audrey and Zach begin to question Harrison. When they ask about his mother, Harrison says, "My mom died when I was really young, and my stepmom died of cancer a couple years ago." When Zach asks how his mother died, Harrison remains silent. Harrison then claims to be freezing and leaves to get wood for the fire. Zach blames Audrey for starting the personal inquiry.

While Harrison is out of the room, Scott calls him a weird dude whom they know nothing about. Zach decides to learn more and searches through Harrison's knapsack for a "manifesto." Scott joins in, but they only find a book of sketches. As Harrison is returning with the wood, he hears Audrey ordering Zach and Scott to stop and sees them going through his knapsack. Harrison deliberately makes a clunking noise, which causes Scott, Zach, and Audrey to scramble back to their seats and act innocent.

After dark, the group returns to Dexter's cabin and Angela grounds Audrey for hanging out at Roaring Forks.

After escaping from Elric Kane, Dexter leads Elric to Roaring Forks for a final confrontation. Elric sees that Dexter has grabbed a knife to defend himself with and searches the empty cabins, but Dexter smashes through a mirror and disarms him. Elric gives up that Harrison is at Kurt's cabin and that Elric was just doing his job- "nothing personal". Dexter stabs and kills him. He takes his hat and jacket and covers his body up with a tarp.

Dexter returns to the summer camp to deal with Elric's body. He has a brief conversation with imaginary Deb before dismembering Elric and presumably disposing of him in the Iron Lake Sanitation Incinerator.


  • Hope he's as drawn to blood as I am. You said you had all day. Well, I've got news for you. The night is mine. -Dexter to himself, about Elric
  • "Stupid motherfucker took a knife to a gun fight." -Elric about Dexter

Behind the scenes

In real life, the location used to film the Roaring Forks scenes is Camp Collier on the banks of Lake Wampanoag, in Gardner, Massachusetts. It's about a quarter of a mile south of the location used for Dexter's Cabin.

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