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For the character from the TV series, see Rita Morgan

Rita Morgan is a character in the Dexter Novels and the Dexter Comics.


Dexter uses Rita as a disguise to fit into society. Dexter's "love" for Rita is less sincere in the novels than in the television series.

Rita has two children from a previous marriage, Astor and Cody, who were abused by their crackhead father.


  • Friendly, energetic, devoted to her family


It's not revealed how Rita and Dexter meet, but they have been dating for a year and a half.

Rita is something of an exercise fanatic. She and Dexter regularly go for 5k runs, long bike rides, or weightlifting sessions together.

Rita and Dexter, by a humorous misunderstanding, are engaged

At the end of novel, Rita and Dexter are married.

Rita and Dexter honeymoon in Paris

Rita gives birth to a girl, Lily Anne.

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Rita is murdered by pedophile Robert Chase after she catches him molesting eleven-year-old Astor.

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  • Dexter Morgan - Rita's husband, and father to her third child, Lily Anne
  • Astor - Rita's oldest child, a daughter
  • Cody - Rita's middle child, a son
  • Lily Anne Morgan - Rita's youngest child, a daughter (In the TV series, her counterpart is Harrison Morgan)
  • Ex-husband - Rita was married and divorced prior to the first novel. Unlike the TV show, Rita's ex-husband is never mentioned by name, though it's revealed that he's in prison.
  • Deborah Morgan - Her sister-in-law, once Rita marries Dexter
  • Brian Moser - Her brother-in-law, and realtor


  • Brandon Weiss - Rita kicked him twice with her legs (because her arms were still bound) in self-defense which caused him to fall on a table saw. It cut off his arm and he bled to death. (Dexter by Design)