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Ricochet Rabbit

The Ricochet Rabbit is a yacht owned by Peter Grant (a character seen in photos) in the Showtime series DEXTER.

Holly Benson, his girlfriend, was murdered onboard the yacht.


After Holly Benson's ordeal of almost being sacrificed as The Whore of Babylon, she is given access to the yacht by her boyfriend, Peter Grant, while he is away.

Travis Marshall tracks Holly to the yacht and re-captures her with the assistance of his disciples, Steve and Beth Dorsey. They tie her to a chair, and Travis slashes her throat. Steve finishes the job by stabbing her in the chest. Her body is fastened to the boat's anchor and lowered into the water.

Since Dexter is unable to learn the yacht's location from Grant's daughter, he finds the marina during a computer search. When he arrives, the boat is gone, so he distracts the marina's security guard with an alarm and accesses the computer database. Then, knowing Grant's password (Neptune), Dexter poses as Grant on the phone and is told of the boat's location.

When Dexter finds the Ricochet Rabbit, he's puzzled to see a man aboard wearing a hazmat suit, but he assumes it to be Travis. Determined to kill Travis, he attacks the man in the hazmat suit. After a struggle, Dexter kills the man, but is angry that it isn't Travis. He then discovers Holly's corpse and the chemicals that were used to make Wormwood (poison gas canister). He calls 9-1-1 anonymously and reports the poison gas and the boat's location.

Debra Morgan and her team are on the yacht surveying Travis's handiwork with Wormwood. They find Steve and Holly's bodies.


  • Make: KIA
  • Year: 2006
  • Model: Sportage
  • Color: Blue/White
  • Length: 80'


  • Peter Grant's daughter and Dexter Morgan call the yacht the "Fuck Pad."

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