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Reporter (Doomsday Killer Case) is a character in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She reports breaking news for Miami, including on The Four Horsemen tableau, Wormwood attack, the angel statue tableau, and the solar eclipse.


Captain Maria LaGuerta pushes newly appointed Lt. Debra Morgan to give her first press conference, hoping that she will mishandle it. Debra tries to look more professional by dressing up, wearing heels and one of Maria’s necklaces.

Debra: "My detectives are interviewing several suspects, but, uh, we won't release a name until a suspect is officially charged."
Reporter: "Is it true the four horsemen case is connected to the murder of the fruit vendor Omar Rivera?"
Debra: "We're not here to discuss the Rivera case."
Reporter: "But the same Alpha and Omega signature was found at both crime scenes. Isn't that right?"

Debra freezes, unsure of how much she should reveal. Come on, Deb, Dexter thought, Don't go into meltdown mode now.

Debra: (after a pause) "Actually, yes, we believe that's our killer's signature. So if you see something, say something. Call the department with any information that might help us catch this killer. We're all in this together. I'm not gonna lie to you about this investigation, because I don't really see the point. I'm not into politics, and I don't care about press conferences or -- or public opinion. All I care about is catching the fucker that did this."
Debra: (as cameras snap) "Shit. That'll be all."

Debra tries to apologize to Deputy Chief Thomas Matthews but he tells her that the public loves the directness of his new Lieutenant.

After Travis sends his disciple, Beth, to set off a gas bomb in the Miami police department, he watches the news in the house of the murdered couple.

Reporter: I'm standing outside the Miami Metro headquarters, where earlier today, a local woman, Beth Dorsey, attempted a poison gas assault on the station's Homicide department. Channel 9 has learned no officers were hurt in the brazen attack. The only casualty was Ms. Dorsey.”

Travis, shaken, turns the TV off, but convinces himself that Beth’s sacrifice will be “enough” and it’s what God wanted.

Later, Travis is painting a mural in the murdered couple’s house when he hears a breaking news report.

Reporter: “And now we go to museum square for this breaking news. Authorities are still baffled by what appears to be yet another bizarre End of Days tableau plaguing the city of Miami. We warn you, these images are very graphic. Investigators made a gruesome discovery early this morning in museum square. Blood covered the angel statue in the square's fountain, and also contaminated the fountain's water. A human hand was found nailed to the angel's chest. On the forehead, the numbers 666 were also written in blood. Channel Nine has learned that the hand depicted in these startling images may in fact belong to one of the suspected Doomsday Killers -- Professor James Gellar.”

This news infuriates Travis. At that moment, Dexter Morgan calls him to say that he’s "The Beast" and he is coming for him.

As he prepares to his next tableau, Travis watches the news in the house of the murdered couple.

Reporter: “The solar eclipse is due at 3:28 tomorrow afternoon. It's a great opportunity to trick your kids into learning a little science. Stick with us, and Dr. Mehler will teach you how to make a simple pinhole camera that will allow you to watch in safety with your children. But first, this message.”
Travis: “Stare at the sun, you idiots. Better you be blinded than face the horrors that await you.”

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