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7 Miles, Hannah, and Dexter in club

Red Coral Club

Red Coral Club is a location in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It is an exclusive, members-only club.


Miami, Florida


After Hannah McKay returns to Miami and drugs him, Dexter Morgan tracks her down to the Vista Marina. He observes her leaving a yacht with an apparently wealthy man. He follows them to The Red Coral Club, but when he tries to enter, he is stopped at the door and told the club is members-only and has a strict dress code. Dexter phones Zach Hamilton, a rich young psychopath, to help him gain access to the club. After Zach provides Dexter with the suitable attire and accompanies him, the bouncer readily passes them through.

Inside the club, Dexter spots Hannah and the unknown man at the bar. As soon as the man walks away, Dexter goes over to Hannah and asks why she drugged him. She is surprised to see Dexter there and warns him to leave before her husband returns. Dexter is shocked that Hannah is married, learning that her husband is a millionaire named Miles Castner. Dexter lingers, even after Zach texts him that Miles is on his way back. Miles is not pleased to see Dexter talking to Hannah and remarks that he knows Dexter had sent Hannah to prison. The conversation is tense, and Miles and Hannah soon leave the club. Once they are gone, Zach approaches Dexter, asking what happened and if Dexter is going to kill the man.


  • "It's full of old farts in suits." -Zach to Dexter about the Red Coral Club

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