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Ray Speltzer on warehouse roof

Red Brick Warehouse is a location in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It's an abandoned storage facility where Ray Speltzer chases Dexter Morgan through a large maze.


During a fight in an RV, Dexter is knocked out by Ray Speltzer, a deranged serial killer. When Dexter wakes up, he's sitting on the floor inside a warehouse. I'm still alive, but I don't think I'm going to like the reason why. Speltzer couldn't have done all of this in a day. Is this place his masterpiece?

Dexter notices an envelope nearby. Inside, there’s a note with just one word: "RUN." He thought, I don't run, I make people run.

Amid a clanging, scraping noise, Speltzer approaches, dressed as a horned bull and carrying an ax. Dexter quickly takes off in the opposite direction. However, I do run if there's a bull coming after me with an ax.

Speltzer pursues Dexter through a maze he had constructed of various items. At one point, Speltzer nearly catches Dexter, but he climbs down an elevator shaft.

Looking for an escape route, Dexter enters a large room. Lights are flashing and it’s filled with mannequins. One of them resembles Speltzer and while Dexter is looking at it, Speltzer creeps up from behind. Dexter, however, smells him, turns around, and knocks Speltzer down. "You should really try taking a shower once in a while," Dexter advises him. A struggle ensues and Speltzer slips away. Dexter searches for him, asking, "Where are you?"

When Dexter leaves the room, he encounters a boarded-up stairway. Speltzer keeps forcing me down to the next floor. So if he wants me to go down, what happens if I go up?

Dexter tears away the boards and runs up the stairs to the rooftop. Speltzer bursts through the door, but Dexter escapes by making it down to the street and jumping on the back of a passing truck.

He knows my face now. If I want a rematch, I'm gonna have to be smarter. To take Speltzer down, I have to make sure I have nothing to lose. Before he goes after Speltzer again, Dexter ensures the safety of Harrison.

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