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Receptionist: Welcomer at Coral Island Retirement Village

Receptionist (Coral Island Retirement Village) is a character in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She unwittingly helps serial killer Dexter Morgan vet his next victim, Walter Kenney (also a serial killer).


A prostitute, Rosalia Davalos, is found murdered with a tooth missing. It reminds Dexter of the work of a legendary Oregon serial killer nicknamed "The Tooth Fairy Killer.” The killer would be an old man by now, but Dexter wonders if he came out of retirement for one last kill.

Under the pretense of looking for a place for his father to live, Dexter stops by the Coral Island Retirement Village, which is in walking distance of the crime scene.

Receptionist: “Can I help you?”
Dexter: “I hope so. I'm, uh, thinking about moving my dad down here. He's 81, but still sprightly.”
Receptionist: “Bless his heart. Coral Island's a great facility. I'm happy to answer any questions you have.”
Dexter: “Do you have any other residents here from Oregon? My dad's kind of shy and it'd be nice to have people around with something in common, besides hearing loss.”
Receptionist: “Well, let's see." [Typing] "We have three residents from Oregon. Fine people. I'm sure your dad will get along with them famously.”
Dexter: “That's good to hear.”
Receptionist: “Here are some brochures with everything you need to know about Coral Island. There's some forms to fill out in case you're interested in having your dad join us.”
Dexter: “Thanks. Hey, I hate to trouble you, but that coffee really looks good. I was gonna get some earlier. I feel a caffeine headache coming on.”
Receptionist:”I know what that's like. I'll fetch you a mug. Be right back.”
Dexter: “I appreciate it.”

While she’s away, Dexter sneaks a look at her computer. He finds the three residents from Oregon. He rules out the woman and the man in a wheelchair. A third man, Walter Kenney, seems the obvious suspect since he moved here five years ago from Grants Pass, Oregon.  

Dexter (under the alias “Dan”) joins Walter on the golf course, only to endure his unpleasant company. Later, at the pool, Dexter notices that Walter is missing a tooth -- the same lateral incisor that he would pull from his victims.

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