Rebecca Mitchell
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Vanessa Marano
First Appearance
Dirty Harry
Last Appearance
Full Name
Rebecca Mitchell
Manner of Death
Due to mental abuse by her mother, she committed suicide by slicing her femoral artery in a bathtub. (This caused Jonah Mitchell to angrily beat their mother to death.)
15 (Season 4)
Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Arthur Mitchell (father; deceased)
Sally Mitchell (mother; deceased)
Christine Hill (half-sister; deceased)
Jonah Mitchell (brother)
Henry Mitchell (grandfather; deceased)
Marsha Mitchell (grandmother; deceased)
Vera Mitchell (aunt; deceased)
Professional Status
Rebecca Mitchell is a character in DEXTER. She is the daughter of Arthur Mitchell and Sally Mitchell while also being the younger sister to Jonah Mitchell. Unfortunately, she was another victim in Arthur's madness. He often referred to her as "Vera Mitchell" rather than by her real name and treated over protectively. While allowed to attend ballet classes and school activities, she was often locked in her bedroom while at home.

After Arthur's "disappearance," she and her family were put into protective custody and moved from Miami to Kearney, Nebraska where she was forced to live under the constant complaints of her mother who blamed both of her children for their circumstances. Her mother's praise for Arthur and desire to be whisked away by him eventually drove Rebecca to commit suicide.

Season Four

Although she was a teenager, her bedroom resembled that of a young girl's. After she run away once, Arthur installed locks on the outside of her bedroom door and on the windows. Arthur would often called her "Vera." Since Arthur often locked her in and called her by the wrong name, she clearly represented his deceased sister, Vera, whom he worshiped and wished to preserve. When Dexter questioned Rebecca about this and tried to reassure her, she asked him to take her away, implying that she would give him sexual favors to do so (which Dexter flatly refused). But Rebecca refused to believe that Dexter wanted nothing from her. When she caught Rebecca's advances to Dexter, her mother only cared that Arthur never found out about it, and assumed that Dexter had or will have sex with her daughter.  Arthur was not as physically abusive towards his daughter as he was towards his wife and son. He did not often criticize her, called her his 'perfect child,' and frequently discussed her achievements with pride--as opposed to Jonah. However, Arthur could be verbally and physical violent toward her when provoked. While Rebecca may have loved her father on some level, she was as terrified of him as Sally and Jonah..

Season Six

In Season Six, it is believed by the police that Rebecca, along with her mother, Sally Mitchell, were killed by "Trinity" as they were unaware of his death at Dexter's hands.

At first, Dexter thought that her brother, Jonah, had killed her. However, he did not. Jonah told Dexter that Sally had continued to blame the kids for Arthur's actions. Becca finally had enough of it and committed suicide in the same fashion that the Trinity Killer had killed his bathtub victims. Jonah then lost his temper on his mother and bludgeoned her.


  • Strangely, it is never known to the Nebraska police department that Rebecca really committed suicide, as they thought that she was a victim to Trinity (who is still investigated by the FBI). Judging by the picture, it does look as if Rebecca committed suicide, and the Nebraska police blood spatter analyst team should have found finger prints on the razor that Rebecca cut herself with. It is possible, however, that Jonah may have tampered with evidence to make it look more convincing that Trinity was the sole killer all along. 
  • Coincidentally, Rebecca and her half-sister, Christine Hill, both committed suicide. 


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