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Realtor: Cheerful Real Estate Agent

Realtor is a character in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She allows Dexter Morgan into Zoey Kruger’s house, not realizing that he is a serial killer who is targeting Zoey.


Dexter is stalking Zoey to find evidence that she killed her husband and daughter. However, he’s unable to break into her house due to a security system and the presence of Zoey’s poker-playing police officer friends. When he spots an Open House sign, he realizes that he can get inside by pretending to be an interested buyer. 

The next day, Dexter shows up at Zoey’s house and is immediately greeted by an enthusiastic realtor. She begins to describe the “special wonders” of the house, but Dexter asks if he can discover the wonders on his own. She is amenable and tells him to let her know if he has any questions.

Once the realtor’s gone, Dexter takes out his phone to look at the crime scene photos taken in Zoey’s house. He follows the trail of blood to determine Zoey’s actions on the night that she shot her family. As he’s checking the fireplace, Zoey appears and offers to take him on a tour. While Zoey is showing Dexter her daughter’s pink bedroom, the realtor interrupts to say that a couple has a question about the hot tub.

Zoey leaves, and Dexter resumes following the blood trail which leads to the kitchen’s garbage disposal. He purposely breaks it and informs the realtor that it’s not working. The realtor is delighted when Dexter offers to fix it. This gives him an opportunity to look inside the disposal where he finds what he’s looking for -- blue nitrile, the material found in police protective gloves. 

As Dexter finishes up, Zoey enters the kitchen and the realtor tells her that Dexter is a “doll” for fixing the disposal. Zoey remarks that it was working earlier, and flirtatiously tells Dexter that his wife should hang on to him.

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