Train Car 1

Railroad car

Railroad Car is a location in Season Two of Showtime’s series DEXTER.

This is where The Bay Harbor Butcher copycat tried to kill John Henry.


  • Railway tracks in a remote, industrial area of Miami


John Henry, an ex-con, calls the police claiming that he just escaped from The Bay Harbor Butcher. The police arrive on scene at a railway yard to investigate the crime. John tells Debra Morgan and Frank Lundy that he was tied up by the Butcher inside a train car, but managed to slip out of the ropes.

Dexter Morgan and Frank Lundy check out the interior of the train car. Dexter notes that the killer was not only sloppy, but he left behind his kill tools, including a hatchet. Lundy asks Dexter, “If you were the Bay Harbor Butcher, would you use a place like this?” Dexter replies that the location is good, but it’s much too filthy inside. Lundy agrees, saying that the Butcher is clean, orderly, even compulsive. When he says, “compulsive,” Dexter pauses in what he’s doing, feeling that Lundy is watching him. Lundy adds that the use of rope is uncharacteristic because the Butcher uses duct tape and plastic wrap, to which Dexter asks how he knows this. Lundy concludes that it wasn’t the Bay Harbor Butcher, but a copycat vigilante inspired by him.

Angel Batista soon tracks down a suspect, Ken Olson, who has a personal grudge against John Henry. Olson is interrogated but released for the time being.

Dexter realizes that, if the vigilante crime goes unsolved, Lundy will bring in the Feds and make his life more complicated. That night, Dexter breaks into Olson's house and, when Olson suddenly returns home, Dexter grabs him in a choke hold.

After Olson admits to committing two murders, Dexter chokes him until he passes out. When Olson wakes up, he is back inside the train car, plastic-wrapped on a kill table. Dexter instructs Olson on what a proper kill room should look. After a few more comments about the changes he’s going through, Dexter decapitates and dismembers Olson with a cleaver. Unlike his other victims, Dexter purposefully leaves the remains behind for the police to find as a warning to copycats,

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