The Prosthetic Arm.

Prosthetic Arm is an Object in Showtime's series DEXTER.

The arm originally belonged to Monique, a prostitute. It later became an important piece of evidence in the Ice Truck Killer Case. It appeared in three seasons.

List of Owners

  • Monique (Unknown date - 2006, former owner)

The original owner was a prostitute, under the name of Monique. She wore the arm as a replacement for her missing appendage. She painted the fingernails with different colors. In addition, she wore a large ring on one of the fingers. After Monique was killed by Brian Moser, the arm went into his possession.

The ring was given by Brian to Debra Morgan as an "engagement ring." The arm itself remained at Brian Moser's Residence until Miami Metro Homicide was alerted that he kidnapped Debra. When they investigated his apartment, they found evidence that proved he was the Ice Truck Killer. The arm was then placed into evidence along with other items on scene,

For years, the arm remained locked away in Miami Metro evidence in the same box as Rudy Cooper's ID Badge. To impress Ryan Chambers, his new intern, Vince Masuka showed the box of evidence to her, after which she promptly stole the arm.

After Ryan took the arm from the evidence box, she sold it on a website known as She used the profit to pay for her apartment. She intended to also steal evidence from the Bay Harbor Butcher Investigation and the Trinity Case; however the evidence from those cases were in possession of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  • (2011, former holder)

The site temporarily had the arm. Louis Greene explained to Masuka, that in order for them to auction an item it must be first given to the site (from there, it is shipped to the buyer).

Louis purchased the arm for $1,200 from He erased any proof of the transaction and continued to hold onto it until after a certain interaction with his idol, Dexter Morgan. When Dexter disparaged a serial killer game that Louis created called Homicidal Tendencies, Louis became angry and depressed. Louis was later seen drawing lines onto the palm of the hand from a "Palm Chart" before he placed it carefully within a box to ship to Dexter

Dexter discovered the arm in his apartment, and used it as a tool to get Louis Greene out of his life. Dexter sent the arm to Forensics with a note regarding Louis. In anger, Masuka promptly fired Louis, and returned the arm to the evidence locker.

Season One

While working as a prostitute, Monique met Brian Moser as an unnamed "John." He was attracted to her prosthetic arm, as well as her imperfection. He painted each of Monique's fingernails with five different colors (exactly like his mother's style). Monique continued to paint her nails in the same way because she liked it.

Brian was working as a Prosthetist.under an alias, Rudy Cooper. Unknown to all at this point, he was the serial killer dubbed the Ice Truck Killer. During another sexual encounter with Monique, he killed her and kept the arm. Later, he gave Monique's ring to Debra Morgan as an engagement ring before he kidnapped her.

Season Six

The arm was considered the "Holiest of Holy" by Vince Masuka, as it was found at Brian Moser's Residence among other evidence. It was the most distinctive of pieces involving the investigation. Intern Ryan Chambers had an obsession with the case, even having painted her nails the same color as the hand's for an entire week. As soon as she could, Ryan stole the arm, and sold it on a website known as When Masuka found out, he fired Ryan for putting the department at risk.

His new intern, Louis Greene, deleted any trace of the sale from the internet, but claimed to be unable to retrieve the arm. In reality, Louis was the one who had bought the arm and possessed it the whole time. Later, Louis mailed the arm to Dexter as a prank (with additional drawings on the palm taken from a "Palm Chart." The exact meaning behind this message was never made clear.

Season Seven

"What is this doing here? Is it some kind of message? Maybe someone else is on to me." ~Dexter, after finding the arm in his apartment. ("Sunshine and Frosty Swirl")
After Dexter discovered that Louis was screwing with him, he mailed the arm to Miami Metro Forensics, which led right to Masuka. Inside the box, was the arm and a letter detailing how Louis had apparently sold it online. This infuriated Masuka so much that he fired Louis on the spot.

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