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Deb with Gabriel S2E6

Deb with Gabriel at Presk's

Presk's is a location in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s a restaurant where Gabriel Bosque and Debra Morgan end up talking about her father and Special Agent Frank Lundy.


Miami Beach, FL


Debra and Gabriel have reconciled and are on a dinner date, but it's clear that her mind is on Frank Lundy.

Debra: “I still think it's funny you write children's books.”
Gabriel: “Yeah, a big, tough guy like me should be do something manly, huh, like wrangling cattle.”
Debra: (turning wistful) “I don't even know any kids' books. My dad told me cop stories before bed. It was really the only alone time I ever got with him.”
Gabriel: “You okay?”
Debra: “Yeah. Sorry -- just an annoying day at work. You know that FBI guy I was talking about?” [Gabe nods.] “I was really starting to feel like I was his go-to girl, but... he realized Dexter is the superior Morgan.”
Gabriel: “C'mon. That’s not true.”
Debra: “I should be used to it, you know? It was like that with my dad, work. I guess I just hoped Lundy would be different.”
Gabriel: “Why?”
Debra: [smiling] “I don't know. I respect him. He's great at his job, supersmart, and, like, funny, but in this really dry way where he doesn't even know it.”
Gabriel: “You love him.”
Debra: "What? No.”
Gabriel: “You do. You totally have a crush on Grundy.”
Debra: [firmly] “Lundy.”
Gabriel: “Oh, now you're getting touchy about it.”
Debra: “I don't have a crush on him. He's like my dad, except I spent my life trying to get my dad to notice me, and he actually pays attention to what I say.”
Gabriel: “And Grundy loves you.”
Debra: “Oh, fuck off.” [She chuckles.]

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