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Poolside Cafe

Poolside Cafe is a location in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s an upscale cafe with an outdoor dining patio where Dexter Morgan meets with Lila Tournay, his NA sponsor.


A blonde woman swims in a pool as Dexter and Lila sit with iced drinks at a nearby table. Dexter isn’t smiling.

Lila: “You gonna tell me how you're doing?”
Dexter: “I'm fine.”
Lila: “Come on, Dex. Open up.”
Dexter: “Very fine?”
Lila: “You're gonna have to do better than that. What's going on inside your head? What are you thinking?”
Dexter: “I'm afraid we're... Done... You and I.”
Lila: “Serious? You're breaking up with me?”
Dexter: “Actually, I don't think I want to answer any more questions.”

(Flashback) Dexter remembers an incident from his childhood. During an interview with a psychiatrist, he followed Harry's advice and answered the shrink's questions with the exact opposite of what he really thought. The doctor assessed Dexter as having no psychological issues.

Dexter says that he should get back to work, and he thanks Lila for everything. She nods, but doesn’t say a word. As Dexter walks away, Lila’s eyes follow him.

Later, Dexter finds Lila waiting near his car outside the police station. She insists that “breaking up’ with her was a mistake and she wants another chance. Dexter, annoyed, ends up taking Lila into the field morgue to show her “evil.” To his surprise, she’s fascinated, not repulsed. Once outside, Dexter agrees to see Lila again and she kisses him.

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