Pink Motel Miami

Pink Motel (Miami)

Pink Motel (Miami) is a location in Season One of Showtime’s series DEXTER.

Neil Perry, an Ice Truck Killer suspect, was arrested in Room #20.

Season One

After Miami police unearthed his mother’s skeleton from behind Neil Perry’s trailer, they traced his phone calls to a red-light district. Angel Batista and Debra Morgan showed his photo to motel managers. A woman who worked at the Pink Motel told Debra and Angel that their suspect was a regular, and he was there with a woman. They hurried to his motel room, but he had gone out to a liquor store. A bruised hooker was found tied spread-eagle to the bed, with torture implements nearby. Angel and Debra waited in the motel room, and when Perry returned, they promptly arrested him. He bizarrely began to sing. Later, it turned out that he wasn’t the true Ice Truck Killer.

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