Pink Motel, Ft Lauderdale

Pink Motel (Fort Lauderdale)

Pink Motel (Fort Lauderdale) is a location in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Dexter Morgan killed Andrew Briggs in Room #6.


Debra Morgan went missing while working on the case of Andrew Briggs, a jewelry thief who skipped on his bail. To gain his trust, Debra started sleeping with Briggs, and stayed with him at the Pink Motel while he sought a buyer for the stolen jewels. He found one in El Sapo. However, El Sapo’s real name was Javier Guzman and he was actually a hitman who planned to kill Briggs.

Dexter Morgan needed to warn Debra about El Sapo, but he didn’t know her whereabouts in Fort Lauderdale. To find out, he went to Joey Quinn’s apartment and asked him. Quinn said that Debra was staying at the Pink Motel, describing it as “some dump.”

Dexter, with Harrison, drove to the Pink Motel (about 30 minutes away). Debra was furious to see Dexter. She wouldn’t heed his warning, even stating that she didn’t care if she died. Briggs appeared and tried to stop Dexter from taking Debra with him, causing Dexter to push Briggs back into the motel room. Briggs tried to grab a knife but Dexter grabbed it first, stabbing and killing Briggs with it. Debra promptly freaked out. After ordering Dexter to leave, she called the police, feigning ignorance of the crime. El Sapa, who was watching from outside, began to follow Debra, believing that she would lead him to the jewels.


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