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Petunia: "Dumbest Whore"

Petunia is a character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She is a transgender sex worker.


A corpse is found on The Waterfront Stroll and reported by two prostitutes, Petunia and Kitty. Officer Debra Morgan heads to the area, hoping they can identify the victim from a photo.

Kitty: “Don’t look familiar, hon.”
Petunia: “Ooh, but those are some fine streaks. Who did her hair?”
Deb: (sarcastically) “Christophe of Beverly Fucking Hills.”
Petunia: “Yeah, do you have his number?”
Kitty: “Petunia, you are the dumbest whore on this stroll.”
Kitty: (to Deb) “Sorry Sugar. Don’t got a name for you.”
Kitty: (to Petunia) “Keep walkin’, girl. It’s all you’re good for.”

As Deb is walking back to her car, she is accosted by Sergeant Yuki Amado who has been pressuring her to dig up dirt on Joey Quinn. They engage in a somewhat nasty conversation in which Deb says she doesn’t know why I.A. picked her. Yuki tells her it’s because Detective Quinn likes the ladies. Deb replies,“Well, then you don’t need a snitch. You need a fuckin’ slut. So why don’t you go talk to Petunia over there?” The back and forth continues until Yuki leaves unable to convince Deb to do her bidding.

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