Petrie Beach

Petrie Beach, formerly known as Rand Beach, is a location in Season One of Showtime's series DEXTER.


Miami, FL


Petrie Beach is a place where Dexter Morgan and his adoptive family had picnics when he was a child.

Season One

After The Ice Truck Killer broke into Dexter's Apartment, he looked through his family album and noticed a photo of Dexter at the beach, The Ice Truck Killer then used the area to display Tony Tucci's severed left hand. This was the first amputation, and it proved that Tucci was a victim, not The Ice Truck Killer.

As Sgt. James Doakes made his way to the crime scene, he was followed by Carlos Guerrero's men who pursued him under orders from their boss.


Dexter to Angel: "Interesting hand job."
Angel Batista, smiling: "That's funny!"
  Dexter: "It is?"

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  • The real filming location of Petrie Beach is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the tip of the South Beach Park.[1]



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