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Pediatrician: Vaccinator

Pediatrician is a character in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She administers routine vaccinations to Harrison Morgan.


Rita is holding her son, Harrison, as Dexter sits next to them in the doctor’s office. The doctor asks, “So, how is everyone doing over there?” Rita, to a crying Harrison, “Honey, I know. Everything’s gonna be okay.” Dexter turns to Rita and asks, “Are you okay?” “Well,” she replies, “I’m not the one getting four booster shots. I don’t know how you’re not a complete wreck.” Serial killer, Dexter thought, Remember? He says,“Well, a little pain now means a lot less later on.” I should know. I had my chance to eliminate Arthur early on. I didn’t and now...

The doctor asks, “We ready?” Dexter tells Harrison, “Okay, buddy, look at Daddy,” and he makes a goofy face. Harrison, still crying, is injected and screams. Trying to comfort Harrison, Rita says to him, “I know, I know, I know.” The doctor remarks, “All right, that’s one down. Three more to go.” Speaking to Harrison, Dexter says, “The good news is, you won’t remember any of this,” and kisses his forehead. I didn’t remember what happened to me as a child. Until I was forced to.


  • “The perfect drug delivery system. Rapid. Efficient. Especially in the right hands.” ~Dexter (describing a hypodermic needle)

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