Preschool 1

Our Lady of the Gulf Preschool

Our Lady of the Gulf Preschool is a location in Showtime’s series DEXTER.

Harrison Morgan attended this Catholic preschool.


  • 8th Street & Grand Ave, in Miami

Season Six

When Dexter Morgan starts looking for a preschool for his son, Angel Batista suggests the Catholic one his daughter had attended. Debra Morgan joins Dexter at the preschool interview, during which Harrison enjoys playing with other children. Dexter considers the pros and cons of the religious symbols at the school. A Sister informs them that the school is well connected to the best secondary schools, but enrollment is limited. When she asks Dexter about his religious beliefs, he tells her that he doesn't believe in anything, which the Sister views as odd.

Back at his car, Debra asks Dexter about his belief system. Dexter answers that he follows a set of principles so that he doesn't get in trouble. She says that it sounds like something for a puppy, and it seems cold and empty. Dexter considers that even though he doesn't need any religious beliefs, perhaps his son does. Later, Dexter returns to the preschool and tells the Sister that he is ignorant about religion, but wants his son to have a normal life. She seems impressed that he made the effort, and states she will try to find a place for him in the school.

Harrison takes part in a Noah’s Ark Pageant at the preschool. Both he and Dexter dress as lions. Afterward, when Dexter asks Sister Daniels where his son is, she tells him that he already left with a man wearing a lion's mask. Dexter realizes that Harrison had been taken by Travis Marshall.


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