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Oscar Sota is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He was killed by Dexter Morgan and is one of the Bay Harbor Butcher 18.

Angel Batista volunteers to take Sota's case - Victim No. 6.


During the Bay Harbor Butcher Case, FBI Agent Frank Lundy, does a run through of victims without a criminal record in the field morgue. As he approaches Sota's body, he hesitates before opening the bag. Inside, is the corpse of a man with long black hair. The sight and smell bothers Angel Batista, who asks, "What's his story?"

Lundy describes Sota, saying that he was a Naval engineer for the Port of Miami, a member of the stewardship council for the St. Tarsicia Catholic Church. Married, loved, respected...but he was found in a bag, under the sea with thirteen known killers.

When Angel interviews his wife, Mrs. Sota, at the station, all does not go well. With Soto being the last one to be connected to a murder, Angel is under pressure to close the case. He crosses the line in his interrogation with Mrs. Sota when she continues to deny that her husband is a murderer. He bluntly demands her cooperation. She furiously tells him that he is done, and walks out.

Angel soon visits Mrs. Soto at her house, and apologizes for how he acted before. They talk for a minute about the weather and her attitude softens. Mrs. Soto admits that her husband kept guns hidden inside of their walls, and invites Angel into her house.

It is never revealed whom Oscar killed, why he killed them, or how Dexter discovered that this respected man was actually a murderer.

On Lundy's whiteboard, Oscar is marked as Victim Number 6.

Oscar's name is on a white board.

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