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Olivia: Abused Friend

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Character Profile
Portrayed By
Tabitha Morella
Season Five
First Appearance
Teenage Wasteland
Last Appearance
Teenage Wasteland
Appears in
One Episode
Full Name


Brown (long)
Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Unnamed father (status unknown)
Unnamed mother
Orlando, FL
Professional Status

Olivia is a character in Season Five of Showtime's series DEXTER.

After Astor Bennett moved to Orlando to live with her grandparents, she met Olivia and they became best friends.


Olivia has long, chestnut brown hair and wears oversized hoop earrings, as does Astor. Although normally kept hidden, Olivia has multiple bruises on her stomach and back, received from her mother's abusive (now ex) boyfriend, Barry Kurt.


Olivia is a typical teenager at heart. She owns a cellphone, texts constantly, and has an adventurous nature. She is, however, reserved about revealing her secrets, and hides her stomach that is covered in bruises.


Olivia's mother's boyfriend, Barry Kurt, is abusive to Olivia and hits her "where it won't show." This finally causes Olivia to steal alcohol and run away from home with Astor. They take a bus to Miami to hide out in Rita and Dexter's house (which Astor thinks is unoccupied). However, Lumen Pierce, is staying there and thinks that one of Jordan Chase's men is breaking in and and grabs a knife. When she and the girls encounter each other, they yell, "Who the fuck are you?"

Olivia and Astor gives Dexter a scare when they go missing. The neighbor, Elliott Larson, reports seeing a white van at the time, and the police arrest a man fitting the description. The suspect turns out to be Barry who is in Miami to retrieve Olivia after having tracked her by cell phone. He is released and they learn that the girls are being detained at a mall for shoplifting. They go to pick them up, accompanied by Debra Morgan, who flashes her badge. Barry shows his anger at Olivia and tells her that she will pay for his van being impounded.

Back at the house, Lumen notices Olivia's bruises and tells Dexter about them. He questions Astor and she admits that Olivia is being abused by Barry. Dexter then arranges to meet Barry under the pretext of bringing Olivia to him. They walk into an alley to talk and Dexter confronts him about hurting Olivia, which Barry denies. Dexter severely beats up Barry and orders him to leave Olivia's mother and never return. He walks away, leaving a terrified Barry lying on the ground.

With Barry out of the picture, Dexter drives the happy girls back to Orlando, and Olivia thanks Dexter. She hugs her relieved mother in a touching moment. After he returns Astor to her grandparents, Dexter returns to Miami.

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