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Officer Oliver:

Officer Oliver: Self-Important Cop

Officer Oliver is a character in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is a police officer who guards the Pool Victim crime scene at the Seven Seas Motel.

The prostitute is the first Ice Truck Killer murder in Miami. Two other victims were previously found in Broward County.


Debra Morgan (vice cop) calls her brother, Dexter Morgan (forensic tech), to hurry to a crime scene at a seedy motel.

As Dexter approaches the area, Officer Oliver walks up to him with a smug look on his face and semi-threatens him, saying that he "better be a cop." Dexter pays little to no mind to the beat cop, flashes his forensics badge, and walks right by him.

Dexter visits with Deb for a bit and then goes over to view the victim. The dismembered, bloodless body astonishes him and he can't stop thinking about the killer's skills.

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