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Officer Martinez:

Officer Martinez: Patrol Uni

Officer Martinez is a character in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He discovers a drunk Debra Morgan asleep in her car.


Officer Martinez shines a light into Debra’s car as he taps on the glass. She slowly wakes up, noticing the officer.

Debra: (lowering her window) “Um... What?”
Martinez: “Lieutenant Morgan?”
Debra: (slurring her speech) “Formerly known as.”
Martinez: “Have you been drinking?”
Debra: “There a problem, officer?”
Martinez: “Well, yes. You're in a car, drunk, with an open container. Several, actually.”
Debra: “Well, at least I pulled over. I've had a really bad couple of days. Maybe you could just cut me some slack?”
Martinez: “I wish I could, but --”
Debra: (annoyed) “But what?”
Martinez: “There's been damage to city property.”
Debra: “Property damage? Are you fucking kidding me?”
Martinez: “I'm gonna need you to get out of the car, please.”

Deb walks unsteadily to to the front of her car. She realizes she had crashed into a parking meter and bursts out laughing.

Debra: “Oh, mother shit.”
Martinez: “Is there someone I can call for you? Your brother, maybe?”
Debra: “No, fucking don't call Dexter.”

Deb phones Det. Joey Quinn and he picks her up at the station before she’s officially booked.

Jamie Batista and Joey Quinn are at Papa's Cafe. She congratulates him for passing the Sergeant’s exam and says that's she proud of him. Suddenly, Quinn overhears Officer Martinez mocking Debra to another officer.

Martinez: (to off duty cop) “You wouldn’t believe who was behind the wheel -- Debra Morgan, the former lieutenant of homicide, passed out, piss drunk.”

The officers laugh, and Quinn stands up.

Jamie: “Come on, Joey -- Joey, just let it go.”
Martinez: “Man, I don't really know who was fucked up more, her or the parking meter she ran over.”
Quinn: “Hey. How about a little professional discretion?”
Martinez: “Yeah, well, I believe that we're off the clock.”
Quinn: “No, I know, but you could lower your voice, you know?”
Martinez: “Yeah, sure. No problem.”
Quinn: “Thanks.”
Off Duty Cop: (to Martinez) “Who's that guy?”
Martinez: “I don't know. I think he used to bone her or something. Probably the way Morgan made lieutenant -- on her back.”

A furious Quinn punches Martinez, who then tackles Quinn, leading to a physical fight. Angel Batista hurries over to pull them apart.

Angel: (to Martinez and Quinn) “Hey, hey, hey! That's enough! Enough, I said! Enough!”
Angel: (to Jamie) “What the hell happened?”
Jamie: “Someone was defending his ex-girlfriend's honor.”
Angel: “Get him out of here.”

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