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Officer Harris:

Officer Harris: Colliding Cop

Officer Harris is a character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He accidentally drags the body of George King with his police car.


Dexter is being held captive by George King in an abandoned warehouse. He manages to frees himself of his bindings but breaks his hand in the process. The two engage in a brutal fight that ends when Dexter snaps King's neck. As the police arrive on scene, having tracked down King's hideout, Dexter throws King out of an upper loading area. The body lands on the hood of Officer Harris’s car and is dragged underneath for several feet. Meanwhile, Dexter uses a rope to escape through a window.

Officer Harris slams on his brakes, exclaiming, “Shit!” Debra Morgan runs up as he exits his car.

Officer: “No way I could stop in time, ma'am. He fucking came out of nowhere.”
Officer: (as they look at the mangled body) “Jesus, Officer. Scraped his fucking skin off.”
Debra:“Yeah, well, what goes around comes around. And it's ‘Detective.’”

George King's death is ruled a suicide.

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