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Officer Gerard:

Officer Gerard: Pessimistic Immigration Officer

Officer Gerard is a character in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is a police officer with the Miami Metro Police Department who deals with immigration issues. He meets with Dexter Morgan on the subject of human smuggling.

Season One[]

Rita Bennett notices that Yelina, a maid in the Z Hotelwhere she works, is crying. Yelina confides that her fiance, Ernesto Rodriguez, paid a smuggler to bring him to the U.S. from Cuba but he hasn't arrived. She tells Rita that the smuggler demanded even more money, but she didn't have it. Yelina is worried because she hasn't heard from Ernesto in over a week.

At the request of Rita, Dexter meets with Officer Gerard to inquire about the operation of human smuggling. Gerard aids Dexter with info and Dexter compiles a list of local human smugglers. The one likely responsible is Jorge Castillo and Dexter pays him a visit at his auto salvage yard.

Meanwhile, the body of Ernesto washes up on shore, and Dexter is contacted by Officer Gerard so that Yelina can identify him at the morgue.

During his investigation into Jorge Castillo, Dexter confirms that he is indeed a refugee smuggler who murders those who can't pay additional release fees. Jorge's wife, Valerie Castillo, also aids in this endeavor...a fact unknown to Dexter until he captures Jorge. He then ends both their lives.


  • "Freedom is just another word for one more way to get fucked." ~Officer Gerard

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