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Nurse Jansen:

Nurse Jansen: Shocked RN

Nurse Jansen is a character in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She assists Dr. Willis with Dr. Turner after his tongue is cut out by Oliver Saxon.


A man (Dr. Turner) stumbles into Miami Central Hospital, retching and coughing up blood. Everyone in the lobby stares in horror. A security guard yells, “We need a doctor over here!” as he helps Turner to a wheelchair. Two nurses and Dr. Willis immediately approach the bleeding man.

During the commotion, Oliver Saxon strolls into the hospital and passes through the crowd, unnoticed. 

Dr. Willis tells one of the nurses, “He’s choking. I need a suction canister over here,” and she hurries off to retrieve it. Nurse Jansen watches the doctor shine a light into the man’s mouth.

Nurse Jansen: “Doctor?”
Dr. Willis: “Jesus. His tongue. It's been cut out. Let's get him to the O.R.”
Nurse Jansen: “My God, why would anyone cut his tongue out?” 

Dexter, who is watching, realizes Saxon had caused a distraction so he could kill Debra who is a patient in the hospital.


  • Nurse Jansen is Debra Morgan’s nurse per patient care information, as viewed by Oliver Saxon.

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