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Norma: Lie Believer

Norma is a character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She’s the housekeeper for Miguel and Sylvia Prado.


After Miguel Prado suggests to Dexter Morgan that he may cause trouble for Debra Morgan, Dexter takes steps to stop him. At Miguel’s house, he persuades the Prado’s housekeeper to let him inside.

Norma: (opening the door) “Mr. Dexter.”
Dexter: “Hey, Norma.”
Norma: “The Prados, they're not home.”
Dexter: “That's what I was hoping. Did you know that Miguel is gonna be best man for my wedding?”
Norma: “Yeah. I heard him talking about it with Mrs. Sylvia.”
Dexter: “Well, the groom is supposed to buy his best man a gift. And I know how much Miguel loves Garcia Márquez, so I thought I'd pick up a limited edition of one of his books.”
Norma: “Oh, he would like that very much.”
Dexter: “Do you think it'd be all right if I looked in Miguel's den just to see what he already has? Our secret.“
Norma: (falling for Dexter's charm) “OK. Come in.”

Dexter heads alone for Miguel’s study, saying, “I'll be out in a jiffy.”

As Dexter searches the room, he thought, Miguel stepped over a line, and he'll keep stepping until I have something he can't top, something that could put him in jail, if and when I want him there. That's the only way he'll back off. I know Miguel killed Ellen Wolf. And I know he took one of her rings as a trophy. The question is, where did he hide it? Somewhere no one else would ever look. Unless... Unless they're me. No more games.

Dexter finds Ellen’s ring hidden in Miguel's cigar box. He takes it, leaving behind a claim ticket from a dry cleaning business. When Miguel discovers that the ring is missing, he knows immediately that Dexter has it and is furious. He heads to the police station and threatens Dexter on the roof, after which Dexter decides his only recourse is to kill Miguel.

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