New Hope Foundation

New Hope Foundation is a non-profit private institution in the Dexter Comics.

It's a non-profit private institution which institutionalizes and helps recover people who have suffered from long term addiction to drugs, have prior criminal records or troubled pasts.


All the members of the foundation willingly applied on their own to seek help. The company is owned by Steve Gonzalez who also acts as the CEO.

Members who complete the New Hope rehabilitation program are gifted with a trip and possible permanent shelter at Mar Dorado -- a private resort which is also owned by Steve Gonzalez. The resort was built by members of the New Hope Foundation. It's revealed that Mar Dorado continues its expansion by the forced labor of the members.


Likely Members

Dexter Morgan discovered that Steve Gonzalez held power of attorney documents with these names:

  • Deron Sanders
  • William Metz

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  • The company is erroneously referred to as "Hope Foundation" in Dexter: Issue 1.
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