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Too Many Tuna Sandwiches is the sixth of ten episodes in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood. It first aired 12 December 2021.

Someone has discovered Jim Lindsay’s secret identity, leading Dexter to realize that he might not be the only serial killer in town. Meanwhile Harrison spirals out of control during a wrestling match and Angela makes a dark discovery of her own.


Harrison chops wood and does chores around the house. Deb tells Dexter she’s proud of him. Dexter expresses doubts about Harrison working for the father of one of his victims. Harrison comes in and thanks Dexter for the place to stay. They talk about the job and Dexter expresses doubts about Kurt. Harrison asks for his signature on the job application but Dexter tells him sorry no. Harrison tells him he didn’t go to therapy the night before but talked to Kurt and that Dexter should be thanking him.

Kurt tries to reconstruct Chloe’s face where he shot her in the eye. He ends up punching her face, screaming “fucking waste!”

Angela pulls over Jim (Dexter’s) car and asks for his license and registration. He says “yes mistress” but she tells him not the one for Jim Lindsay - the one for Dexter Morgan. She instructs him to follow her directly to the station.

Angela storms into the station and Jim (Dexter) follows. Logan and the Esther, the dispatcher, give him advice for dealing with his angry girlfriend, unaware what she’s mad about. Angela is furious that he’s been lying to her. Dexter explains that his wife, Rita, was murdered, and his sister Debra was also killed. It was all “too much” so he wanted to start over. He tells her he drove his boat into a hurricane intending to kill himself but that he survived and took it as a sign that he could start over. He tells her his life with Angela and Harrison is what he’s always needed. Angela tells him relationships are based on trust and questions if she can ever trust him again. Dexter leaves and Molly walks in.

Molly talks to Angela about tricking Kurt and trying to interview him. Angela tells her to stay away from him for the time being.

Kurt pulls into the parking lot at the diner and sees a girl asking for some money. He gives her some money and she introduces herself as Winnie. He offers her a ride somewhere and she agrees but then sees her boyfriend and he tells her he found a ride to Indianapolis. Harrison walks up with his job application and tells him Dexter isn’t okay with it but that he doesn’t care. Kurt forges Jim’s signature and welcomes him to the team.

Dexter suspects Molly knows his real identity. He listens to one of her podcast episodes about the Bay Harbor Butcher serial killer, aka himself.

Audrey finds Harrison at school to see if he’s okay. She asks him to hang out later that night to study for the chemistry quiz. He gets a text from Dexter about going to therapy and tells Audrey he can’t hang out after all.

Dexter goes to therapy with Harrison. Harrison opens up about his struggles with his dad and his childhood. Dexter also talks about his childhood.

Angela brainstorms with Logan about what could’ve happened to Matt Caldwell and why Kurt was lying. Logan defends Kurt, claiming he’s known him his whole life and he’s a good person. Angela theorizes that Kurt doesn’t want them to find something in the Clarke Caves, where they were going to search for Matt’s body the day after he told the police that Matt was alive. Angela calls in Teddy to join her at the caves tomorrow.

Jim (Dexter) calls Logan to grab a drink for advice on how to patch things up with Angela. He advises him to schedule a trust chat. Logan admits that he and Molly broke up. He tells Jim that Molly and Angela have been meeting in private working on something.

Harrison climbs into Audrey’s window and she suspects he’s a burglar and grabs her nunchucks. He tells her he wants to talk and opens up to her about his therapy session with his dad. He admits hurting Ethan wasn’t his first time hurting someone. He admits he thinks about hurting everyone, all the time. Audrey tells him she gets it and opens up about her past and how she feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere. “We’re outsiders you and me, but it doesn’t have to destroy us,” she says. They kiss.

Angela walks into Audrey’s bedroom and sees Harrison in her bed, shirtless. She drives him to Dexter’s cabin and tells him to handle this.

Dexter walks into the bar and sees Kurt talking to Molly. He orders lunch and watches them from afar. Molly walks away and says “great, see you there” to something. Dexter records their conversation secretly and listens to it later. He hears Kurt admit to Molly that Matt was never in New York City and that he lied about FaceTiming with him. Dexter is relieved that the reason Molly stayed in town is for something not related to the Bay Harbor Butcher, however worried that she’s still focusing on Matt Caldwell. Kurt tells her that Matt showed up drunk in person and Kurt wanted to cover for him. He tells Molly that Matt is hiding in his cabin. He offers for Molly to interview Matt to get his side of the story as long as she doesn’t tell anyone where the cabin is. She tells him he has a deal.

Dexter listens to this conversation and wonders what Kurt is really doing. Dexter secretly watches from afar as Kurt lets Molly into his cabin, noting how off the grid it is. He thinks, “this is serial killer 101”. Dexter thinks that it wouldn’t be his fault if Molly disappeared - it’d almost be poetic. Kurt knocks on the door and calls for Matt. Molly starts to get creeped out and Jim (Dexter) walks into the door to check on them. Molly tells Jim (Dexter) that Matt is in there and Jim tells him he’d love to say hi. He pushes open the door and notes that it only locks from the outside. He also sees the camera. He wonders if Kurt is the killer that Angela is looking for. The room is empty and Matt isn’t inside. Jim (Dexter) offers to give Molly a ride back. Kurt tells them the thing about Matt stays between the three of them. Kurt punches a hole in the wall.

Molly opens up to Jim (Dexter) that she was starting to feel creeped out back there and is grateful he showed up. She asks Jim to not tell Angela about her interviewing Kurt. He drives to Harrison’s wrestling match. He sits with Tess and she asks about how Harrison’s therapy is going. Harrison wins his match but breaks the arm of his opponent, intentionally. Kurt congratulates Harrison and Dexter tells Kurt to give it a rest and leaves with Harrison.

Angela and Teddy go to the caves to search. They find a pile of rocks that looks manmade. Angela crawls into an open space and finds another bigger cave. She finds a body and screams to Teddy to get in here now. They find Iris’s body. Angela calls Dexter telling him she doesn’t need Jim - she needs Dexter Morgan.


  • Technically faking your death isn’t a crime. -Dexter to Angela
  • "Encouraging teenagers to commit acts of violence on one another. Normal people are so strange." - Dexter (narrating) at the wrestling match


  • "The Keeper" by Chris Cornell
  • "A Little Less Conversation" by Elvis Presley
  • "Trouble's Coming" by Royal Blood
  • "Same Kind of Thing" by Syl Johnson

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