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Runaway is the fifth of ten episodes in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood. It first aired 5 December 2021.

Dexter’s method of protecting his son from drugs unleashes his Dark Passenger in a very impulsive way. Meanwhile Angela and Molly take a trip to New York City that leaves them wondering about a well-respected member of the community.


As Dexter looks at the straight razor that Harrison used to cut Ethan, there is a flashback of Rita bleeding to death in a tub. Deb wonders if Harrison remembers it but Dexter says he can’t. Deb reminds him that he remembered when drug dealers dismembered his mother inside a shipping container, Dexter says, “That was different.” She says that she wants to help Harrison not become like Dexter, adding that what Harry did to him was child abuse - teaching him to become a serial killer and how to get away with it.. Dexter answers that he wants to guide Harrison through this and be honest. However Deb insists that he cannot tell his son who he is and calls Dexter a monster.

Kurt lets Chloe into his under the secret cabin's spare room telling her to stay as long as she likes, “meals included”. Chloe is shocked by his kindness and is very grateful to have a place to stay. She asks what he wants from her. He just asks humbly that she pay it forward. Kurt smiles and leaves, closing the door.

Sergeant Logan walks into Angela’s office to let her know that Matt’s credit card statements show he was at a hotel in New York City the last three nights. Molly Park, who is sitting on a couch in Angela’s office, says with frustration, “No dead guy, no podcast”.

Angela is fuming that Matt is eating five star room service while the town has been freezing looking for him. Molly suggests they go to the city to confront him. Logan accuses her of only wanting to do that to save her podcast, but Angela agrees that it’s good timing because there is a Missing Persons conference that she wants to attend. Molly informs Logan she met someone else and tells Angela she can fund the trip. Logan is left behind to watch the station.

Harrison walks into the house to see Dexter holding the razor he found in his room. Harrison claims he only carries it for protection. Dexter tells Harrison that he heard Ethan’s side of the story and that it’s a lot different from his version. Dexter tells Harrison he can tell him if he did it on purpose. Harrison is offended that Dexter doesn’t believe him and storms out, retorting, “You are the one telling a lie…Jim.”

As Harrison is sitting on the porch, Zach drives up and tells him he’s right about them being dicks. He tells Harrison to come to a party that night where he is the guest of honor. Scott throws him a beer and Harrison gets in the car.

Meanwhile, Audrey asks Angela if she can go hang out with Harrison and the rest of the guys and she reluctantly agrees as long as she is home by 11 p.m. Miriam tells Angela that Harrison is a good kid and advises her to not keep such a short leash on her daughter. Angela says goodbye and leaves for NYC.

When the guys arrive at the party house, Harrison notices Ethan’s kill list on the door. “Welcome to the kill list party. Everyone here is alive because of you” Zach says. Everyone cheers for Harrison upon his entry. He looks around and shouts, “Let’s fucking party!”

Dexter goes to the local bar. He chats with Tess, the bartender, about Harrison. She tells him it’s okay to ask for help and suggests a therapist for Harrison. Kurt Caldwell walks into the bar and plays a song (“Runaway”) on the jukebox. He asks Tess to dance with him. Dexter is puzzled by his boisterous behavior.

Harrison talks to Audrey at the party about Molly Park’s podcast. Audrey admits that she was the one who released the Kill List. She’s pulled away by a friend. A girl approaches Harrison and kisses him, offering him ecstasy. He swallows it along with some beer. Another girl dares him to carve an H into her foot so she will always remember her hero. Harrison slices her foot and walks off when she says it hurts. He is drunk and drugged out as he wanders around the party drinking more beer. Scott gives him a blue pill to take.

Audrey walks up to Harrison to see if he’s okay. She tells him to get some water with her. He tells Audrey that his father thinks he is a liar. He then tells her his father’s real name isn’t even Jim Lindsay and asks if she believes him. She says yes before he passes out. She runs to get her phone to call 911.

Sergeant Logan arrives and repeatedly tells Harrison “Stay with me” Finally, Harrison opens his eyes and Logan asks him a few questions. Logan learns from Scott what drug Harrison took by threatening to cuff him.

Dexter hurries to the hospital to see Harrison. Logan tells Jim (Dexter) what’s going on and says that Harrison could’ve died if it weren’t for Audrey calling the police. Logan advises him to give Harrison some tough love but Jim tells him he’s not a parenting expert just because he's an assistant wrestling coach.

Dexter tells Harrison he’s going to start seeing a therapist and the only places besides therapy he can go are school and home.

Chloe bangs on the locked door and screams “Sir!” She hears footsteps above and then sees the camera where the words “You’re already dead” are written. She’s terrified.

Molly and Angela arrive at the Gramercy Suites in New York to confront Matt. Logan calls Angela to tell her about the party where Harrison OD’ed, but Audrey was present and called 9-1-1. Angela asks the front desk clerk for confirmation that Matt is a guest and he says Matt checked out the night before. She asks for video footage to confirm Matt was actually there and after some back and forth he agrees, telling her to come back later that night.

Dexter goes to see Dr. Patel, a veterinarian, claiming that he needs ketamine for his goat. She tells him to grab whatever he needs so he also takes syringes and rolls of plastic tarps. He then heads to Crystal Bar in Moose Creek to track down Scott’s drug dealer, Miles O'Flynn. He asks Miles for some drugs and Miles brings him outside to get them. As Dexter begins to inject him with ketamine, he notices a police car approaching. He suddenly changes to Plan B and beats up Miles, screaming “Stay away from my son!” Logan pulls Dexter away and tells him to calm down and to go to the station.

Logan interrogates Miles and tells him eighteen people have died from ODs in town, presumably from pills that Miles sold. He threatens Miles for information and Miles tells him about a person named Jasper Hodge who makes the pills.

Elsewhere, Chloe stares at the camera and takes her top off as Kurt watches. Over a loudspeaker, he orders her “Stop it, this is not what this is about”. Frustrated, he slams the computer closed. She pulls out a mirror shard from under her pillow after the camera shuts off.

Angela attends the Missing Persons conference with Molly where Angel Batista is speaking about finding connections between murders to solve cases.

Dexter parks outside of Jasper’s house. Deb tells Dexter to walk away and work on being a good dad. He doesn’t listen to Deb and breaks into the house with a syringe of ketamine in his hand. He finds the drug making station in the house. Dexter injects him with the ketamine.

Kurt opens the door for Chloe telling her she’s free to go - “it’s over”. She says “make me” and grabs the mirror shard. Kurt walks in and she slices his face. He grabs her and drags her outside. He tells her to run but she hesitates. She runs towards him and he shoots her eye. He screams “you ruined everything” before shooting her again. Kurt cries and bangs his head.

Angela introduces herself to Angel Batista and tells him about her missing women. Angela tells him her gut says it’s not a coincidence and tells him about Iris Broussard. He says to listen to her gut. Angel tells her this reminds him of another case - the Trinity Killer. He tells her a smart woman solved the case - Debra Morgan but that she passed along with her brother, who had a small child named Harrison.

Jasper wakes up in his attic where Dexter shows him photos of people who have died from the drugs he gave them. Dexter is about to stab him when he hears a car pull up- Logan’s. He still kills Jasper, just not in the way he wanted. Later on, when the police raid Jasper’s house, they find him there but dead from a drug overdose (forced by Dexter).

Kurt sees Harrison along the street and asks where he’s going. He offers to buy him a hot meal before he goes. Harrison asks what happened to his face (the cut from Chloe). Kurt and Harrison eat while Kurt gives some advice about dealing with rage. He hands Harrison a job application for the diner.

Angela sees the footage of Matt Caldwell at the hotel and sees a different person there instead. She’s confused about who the person is and why Kurt would lie. Angela goes home and hugs Audrey telling her she’s not mad. Audrey tells Angela what Harrison said before he passed out- that Jim’s name isn’t really Jim Lindsay.

Dexter gets home and Harrison is there waiting. Harrison tells him he’s going to lie down and shuts his door.

Angela sees something on her computer and is shocked. She prints out the obituary for Dexter Morgan.


  • Every day I walk around this world faking it. Knowing if someone, if anyone knew the truth about me, they'd throw me in the deepest, darkest pit they could find. It's so fucking lonely. -Dexter to Deb
  • "Wait, so he's [Matt Caldwell] been eating five-star room service while I've had half the town freezing their asses off searching for him? I knew the guy was an asshole, - but this is an all-new level." -Angela to Molly and Logan
  • "The rest of this town thinks I'm a fucking hero, and my own dad thinks I'm what? A liar? An animal?" -Harrison to Dexter
  • "Why the fuck would I trust you? You're the one living a lie... Jim." -Harrison to Dexter
  • "Tell me what you gave him [Harrison], or I'm putting you in cuffs this fucking second."-Sergeant Logan to Scott Ross
  • "You think being the assistant wrestling coach makes you a parenting expert? You have no fucking idea.? -Dexter to Logan

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  • "WHATS POPPIN" by Jack Harlow
  • "Boom Boom Pow" by Zafir & Afrojack
  • "Tightly Strung" by Tylwyth Teg
  • "goosebumps" by Travis Scott & Kendrick Lamar
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  • "Ketamine" (end credits) - by Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum (Michael C. Hall is singing)