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H is for Hero is the fourth of ten episodes in Dexter: New Blood. It first aired 28 November 2021 on Showtime.

The father of the person whom Dexter killed makes a surprising announcement which could prove to be a huge problem for Dexter. Meanwhile, Dexter discovers Harrison was involved in a serious incident at the high school. And now this young newcomer is considered a hero to the entire town. Angela digs deeper into a missing persons case.


Photos are strewn on the floor of Dexter’s cabin. In his head, Dexter debates with Deb about Kurt’s true intentions behind saying his son is alive. Dexter suggests it’s a delusion, but Deb says Kurt is lying. She theorizes it’s because he wants Angela to close the case so that he can kill Johnny Bullhorn later on because he thinks Johnny murdered Matt for killing the deer. Deb adds that Kurt might then realize his error and find his way to Matt’s real killer - Dexter.

Angela calls Dexter to tell him the news about Matt being alive. Jim (Dexter) says he already knows because Kurt told him when he ran into him outside the tavern. Harrison walks out of his room and tells Dexter he has to gain five pounds before the first wrestling match. They reminisce about Deb and her foul language. Dexter says she is in his thoughts all the time. Harrison leaves for school with Ethan who was waiting outside.

Kurt goes into the police station and everyone hugs him in glee, relieved his son is alive. Kurt gives a statement about FaceTiming with Matt, claiming he saw no injuries on him and that he is in New York City. Angela tells Kurt that Matt owes her a call. She says she’s tried his cell a number of times and it went straight to voicemail. Kurt tells Angela that Matt had wanted money and looked uninjured but seemed high and on another bender. Kurt promises to pay the fine for killing the deer. Angela retorts that she needs to close the missing person case regardless..

Angela notices Molly Park through her office window at the police station talking with Sergeant Logan. When she goes to talk to them, Molly blurts  out that she slept with Logan and then barrages Angela with questions about the case - claiming it’s odd that no one can make contact with Matt. She claims to have called him several times herself to no avail. Angela tells her to leave or be arrested for interfering in an investigation. Molly tells Logan to call her when he’s off. Angela orders Logan to run Matt’s credit cards again.

While pumping gas, Dexter sees Kurt talk to a girl with green hair inside the diner near the gas station. He wonders again why Kurt lied.

Harrison sits alone on the school’s bleachers as he scrolls through a list of serial killers in Molly Park's Merry Fucking Kill podcast. He stops at the Trinity Killer, listens to the grim details, and sees a picture of his mother, Rita. He gulps and stares off into space.

At Fred’s, Dexter meets Garfield, Fred Jr.’s new puppy but he wriggles to get away from Dexter. He shortly gets an emergency alert that the high school is in lockdown. He immediately calls Angela who tells him that there are multiple injuries and Harrison is involved. Dexter races to the school.

Ethan is rolled out on a stretcher, covered in blood. Teddy takes Dexter to Harrison who is getting treated by medics for a stab wound in his side. Harrison claims that it’s not that bad. Harrison explains that Ethan was planning a school shooting in revenge for being bullied and asked Harrison to do it with him. Harrison suggested that he get some counseling but Ethan stabbed him. Harrison tackled him to get the knife out of his hands and accidentally cut Ethan’s leg causing Ethan to pass out from loss of blood. Harrison tears up and asks if Ethan is going to die, claiming he never meant to hurt him like that.

Logan searches Ethan’s backpack and finds horrible graphic drawings and a list of people Ethan wanted to kill at school. He shows them to Angela. Harrison insists that no one else knew about Ethan’s plan because he was his only friend. Angela and Logan head to Ethan’s house to look for weapons or explosives.

At home, When Harrison asks Dexter how he deals with scary situations, Dexter thinks “I wrap bad guys in plastic and kill them” however he tells Harrison “I’m not sure.” Harrison seems disappointed by the response.

In the morning, while Dexter changes Harrison’s bandage, he asks about the attack but Harrison gets defensive, saying he can’t remember all the details such as which hand he held the knife in. He asks why Dexter is “interrogating” him and Dexter says it’s just his “old forensic brain.” Annoyed, Harrison takes his backpack and leaves.

Dexter tells Deb something’s off because the stab wound doesn’t match the story Harrison told. Deb disagrees and tells Dexter that he’s the one that is “off.”

Harrison goes to Memorial Hospital to see how Ethan is doing, but he's sedated. His parents tell him that Ethan lost so much blood he could have died if paramedics hadn't got there so quickly and Harrison apologizes. They reveal that they’ve been getting death threats and have to leave town. They tell Harrison they wish he had come to them first. Ethan’s father thanks Harrison for what he did but says they never want to see him again. Harrison's expression turns dark.

Curious, Dexter goes to the police station and sees photos of the stab wounds. Audrey overhears that she was on Ethan’s kill list and she takes a photo of his journals when her mom isn’t looking. Dexter has some information about the knives used and purchased by Ethan at Fred’s.

Dexter goes to the school to make sense of Harrison’s story. He thinks that Harrison might’ve started the fight first. He fights with Deb about it. Deb tells him that Harrison is a good kid who is nothing like him. Dexter stabs Deb’s leg and himself in the side. Looking at the blood spatter, he says “Blood doesn’t lie” and “It matches”, meaning his theory about Harrison attacking Ethan first matches. Dexter thinks Harrison stabbed himself to sell the whole story. An incredulous Deb asks why. Dexter thinks Harrison wanted to know what it felt like to stab someone.

The next morning, Dexter makes breakfast. As Harrison gobbles the food, Dexter thinks, “He even eats like me.” Dexter suggests that Harrison stay home from school but Harrison wants to get back into a routine. Dexter remarks that he totally gets that. When Dexter asks Harrison if he noticed anything going on with Ethan before that day, Harrison retorts that he didn’t know anything until Ethan got him alone at school.

Kurt Caldwell knocks at Jim's (Dexter) door. Kurt says he wants to shake Harrison’s hand to thank him personally for keeping the town safe. He gives an Harrison a drone as a gift before he leaves for school.

Kurt tells Jim he’s lucky to have a hero for a son and admits he didn’t do a great job raising Matt, whom he calls a “fuck-up.” Dexter accidentally reveals that he knows about the boat accident from Angela and Esther. Kurt immediately states that Matt wasn’t driving. As Kurt leaves, Dexter thinks, “That guy’s fishing and I just nibbled.”

Angela lets Jim (Dexter) know that they are formally not filing any charges against Harrison, despite Ethan claiming that he never stabbed him. Dexter doesn’t tell Angela that Harrison is lying about the incident. Dexter could tell by the photos that Ethan’s wound was not made by a hunting knife. Harrison must have brought his own weapon to school.

Molly Park walks into Angela’s office with a peace offering - alcohol and photos of Faith Darwas taken three days earlier in Tulsa. Molly explains that she asked her podcast followers for help after seeing Angela’s missing women board. She explains that Faith goes by Lauren now and is just a runaway. Molly tells her that she got no hits on the other women she posted and asks Angela for her theory.

Angela tells the story of Iris Broussard, her best friend in high school. Angela explains that everyone said Iris ran away but Angela didn’t believe that - it’s the reason she became a cop. Molly suggests an alliance between her and Angela. Angela agrees to take the help. Molly sets down a recorder and asks for every bit of information she has about the missing women.

Kurt goes to talk to Chloe, the green-haired young woman camped out in his diner. She tells him she was going to use the money he previously gave her to buy bus fare but that she was really hungry and also needed to buy a coat.. She asks for more money but he said he can’t give it to her but that he can get her a job as a waitress at the diner. Chloe refuses the job and again asks for bus fare to go home.

Logan talks to the kids at the school who were on Ethan’s kill list. He tells them counseling is being offered to help them through it. Zach gives a shout out to Harrison who saved them. Harrison gives a speech and calls out the bullies for picking on Ethan for years.

Kurt drives Chloe to a cabin out in the woods, the same one Lily stayed in. He takes her into its cellar.

Meanwhile, Dexter picks through Harrison’s things, looking for any troubling signs. He finds a straight razor hidden inside a flashlight. Deb sobs in the background, saying that Harrison was “born in blood.” Dexter thinks that Harrison has his Dark Passenger and inherited his behaviors. He stares at the razor, then holds it to his lips.


  • "Boy, must be nice. Having a hero for a son." - Kurt to Jim (Dexter)
  • “She's [Deb] in my thoughts all the time.” -Dexter to Harrison
  • “I'm always cleaning up his messes.” -Kurt to Dexter about Matt
  • I'm not a reporter. I'm a podcaster. Print is dead. -Molly Park to Angela Bishop
  • I have a real aversion to liars. - Angela to Molly
  • A rich, white, entitled cisgender guy illegally shoots a rare white buck on reservation land, and then up and disappears? -Molly to Angela
  • Man, to think, from the moment he was born, you were worried that he would inherit your fucked-up genes. But... he's emotional, he's empathetic, personable, popular, heroic even. And you're so different. It's gonna be impossible for you to have a relationship with your own son. -Deb to Dexter about Harrison
  • You're trying to make him into a monster, like you. 'Cause that's the only way you can feel like a real dad, right? Is if he looks up to you and wants to be like you so you could have some sick-ass serial killer family. He's a good kid. He's nothing like you. -Deb to Dexter about Harrison
  • You can't handle the fact that Harrison is a hero. That was always your wet dream. -Deb to Dexter

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