Neil Perry's mobile home

Neil Perry's mobile home

Neil Perry’s Mobile Home is a location in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It is an old, dilapidated mobile home, initially thought to be the residence of The Ice Truck Killer.


1282 Santiago RD
Miami, FL 33130

Season One

Looking for clues to the identity of the Ice Truck Killer, Debra Morgan and Angel Batista check the records of traffic tickets given near the crime scenes. The name of Neil Perry, an Angel of Mercy Hospital voluntary witness pops up. He had rolled through a stop sign near the Seven Seas Motel crime scene. Debra and Angel question why he had been at two different crime scenes. They drive out to his home address, which is an unkept, rusting mobile home, sitting in a dirt lot littered with junked cars. The windows are covered with newspapers. Debra and Angel find a wood-paneled station wagon, which matches the description of the car that picked up Sheri Taylor before she was murdered. They notice a security camera watching them. Angel knocks on one door and Debra on another one, while Perry crawls out from beneath the mobile home. He punctures their car’s tire, then flees on foot to another car and speeds away.

Police arrive on the scene to search for evidence that Perry is the Ice Truck Killer. Angel orders everyone to follow “strict sterile protocol” to avoid contamination of his crime scene. Inside the mobile home, they discover an archive of files about dismemberment, dozens of taxidermied oddities, and newspaper articles about the Ice Truck Killer. Outside, they unearth a human skeleton with amputated limbs. (It turns out to be Perry’s mother.) Perry's calls are traced to a red-light district, and Angel and Debra show his photo to motel managers. They find him at the Pink Motel (Miami), with a prostitute tied to a bed, and arrest him.


  • Despite Dexter calling it a “double-wide,” it is actually a single-wide.

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