Mustached Victim is an unnamed character in the Dexter Comics.

He was a child murderer and a victim of Dexter Morgan.


As the mustached man watches a street cleaner hose down an alleyway, Dexter approaches him from the shadows. He asks the man if he can spare some change, to which the man moves closer, saying he's got something for him as he reaches for a knife in his jacket. Before he can react, Dexter lurches forward, grabs the man with one hand, and injects him with M99 using the other.

Dexter proceeds to drag the man into a secluded area behind a chain link fence. From the man's coat pocket, Dexter pulls out a bloodied pink shoe with flower patterns, likely belonging to a girl the man had killed. Dexter stands overhead, takes out his own knife, and kills the man. It's revealed that Dexter takes a blood slide for this victim, as the next day he is seen depositing it into his box.


  • Unknown and unseen little girl
  • Perhaps other children

Attempted Victim

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