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Murdered Couple

Murdered Couple’s House is a location in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It is a residential home that Travis Marshall used as a hideout after he killed the occupants.


Travis has fled Beth and Steve Dorsey's apartment and is being sought by the police. Having found a place to hide-out, he sits on the sofa and eats what looks like fruit sherbet. An orange cat meows and Travis drops a bit on the floor for it.

While listening to the television news, he learns that his poison gas attack on Miami Metro failed. Only his disciple, Beth Dorsey, died. At first, Travis is upset, but then decides that her sacrifice will be enough, and it must be what God wanted. He that says it's up to him now, his time has come, and he must pass the test. He begins sketching the outline of a painting on the living room wall.

The cat runs into the kitchen, past the bloody bodies of an older couple who are lying face down on the floor, and begins eating from its food bowl.

Later, Travis finishes the painting, which is a portrait of a seven-headed beast from Revelation. His attention is drawn to a news report on television about a bizarre new tableau. It’s the angel statue outside the museum, which Dexter defaced with blood, the number 666, and a human hand. Travis stares, remarks, “The Beast," and switches off the television. His cell phone rings with a video message from Dexter: "Mark this day, Witness. The end is not upon the world, it's upon you. You know who I am. You know what I am. The Beast is coming for you." Dexter’s boat, Slice of Life, is visible in the background and Travis writes its name on his hand. After a moment, Travis paints over the beast’s face with Dexter’s face.

Travis pets the cat as he’s sketching on a brown paper bag. A reporter on television advises people to protect their eyes during the next day’s eclipse. Mockingly, Travis says, “Stare at the sun, you idiots. Better you be blinded than face the horrors that await you.”

He turns off the television and yells to the dead couple. "I can’t stay here much longer if you’re going to stink like that!"

Travis starts breaking apart pieces of furniture and stacks them on the coffee table. Then he walks into the kitchen and tries to wave away the smell and flies. He picks up a knife and apple and returns to the living room. He lifts the cat out of a large basket, and states, “Today’s the day.” He leaves the house carrying the basket, puts it in the trunk of a car, and drives away.

The police are notified of a double homicide at the house, and the team lets Dexter go inside first. He walks past the murdered couple into the living room and immediately notices his face on the mural. This was Travis. He killed these people because he needed a place to hide, Dexter thinks as he sees a hammer.

Vince Masuka enters with Debra and comments, “Ah, the sweet smell of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and methane all liquefying into a frothy treat.”

The team can tell that Travis is responsible. Debra explains the mural as "The Beast thrown into the Lake of Fire." Angel asks why Travis smashed in the face. Dexter, of course, doesn’t admit that he did it.

As Dexter photographs the bodies, he says they were killed by blows to the head, likely by a frying pan. The woman was hit once and the man was hit multiple times, about 48 hours ago.

Debra is acting awkwardly around Dexter and gasps when he moves past her. She quickly heads back to the station.

Dexter finds the paper bag with Travis’s sketch in the kitchen trash can.

Travis is driving past the couple’s house when he notices police cars. He keeps going and appeals to God for help. He remembers that he has Dexter’s wallet and takes out his driver license. Now that he has Dexter’s address, Travis thanks God.

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