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Mr. Tinker Witness to Murder


Mr. Tinker Is a feline character in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He’s a black cat owned by Nurse Mary, Dexter’s first human victim.


While Harry Morgan is in the hospital being treated for heart disease, he realizes that his nurse is slowly poisoning him with overdoses of morphine and another drug. He tells his 20-year-old son, Dexter, to “stop her” and says “it’s time.”

Later, Nurse Mary arrives home and calls out to her cat. “Mr. Tinker? Mr. Tinker?” An unseen cat meows. “Mr. Tinker, where are you?”  The cat meows again. “Mr. Tinker? Are you trapped behind the couch again, Mr. Tinker-stinker?” Mary pushes past swinging saloon doors and is startled to see Mr. Tinker sitting on a sofa table in a plastic-covered room.

Suddenly, Dexter appears, wearing a clear raincoat and holding a syringe. A struggle ensues and Dexter fails to sedate her. He finally overpowers Mary in hand-to-hand combat, and punches her in the face, which knocks her out. Dexter strips Mary of her clothes, covers her in shrink wrap, and secures her to a table with duct tape.

When Mary wakes up, she claims to have helped people by putting them out of their misery. Dexter, though, throws her words back at her, stating that he is going to take her pain away. He tightens the hood on his raincoat and then repeatedly stabs her.

Nearby, Mr. Tinker purrs as he watches Dexter murder Mary.

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