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Miriam is a character in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

She is one of the Seneca people. Her daughter went missing twenty-five years ago.


Angela visits Miriam who remarks that she hasn’t seen her in these parts for a while. Angela apologizes and says she's looking for Johnny Bullhorn, who is on a list of people that she needs to speak with about Matt Caldwell. Miriam insists that Johnny couldn't have hurt the Caldwell kid because he's been sick with the flu and she’s been taking care of him all week.

When Angela still wants to talk with Johnny, Miriam asks if she doesn't believe her. Angela assures her that she's running this investigation the same as she would if it were "one of us" and asks her not to make it about Iris. Reminiscing, Miriam says, "When you girls were younger, Iris always thought the two of you would move to the city. Start a band. Creator knows what." Angela answers hopefully, "Well, maybe she's out there somewhere now. Just... singing her heart out." Miriam nods and laughs softly.

Later, Miriam attends the Seneca ceremony when the white deer is burned in an honorary bonfire.

Angela is packing for a trip to NYC and Miriam is there to watch over Audrey while she's gone. Audrey asks her mother for permission to hang out with Zach and the guys, but Angela says it's a school night. When Audrey reminds her that it's Friday and Miriam promises to make sure she's home by 11:00 pm, Angela relents. Audrey thanks Miriam in Seneca and kisses her mother.

Addressing Angela, Miriam says, "Harrison's a good kid. Everyone's talking about what he did for the school. You keep too short a leash on them, you could lose 'em for good."

Angela tells Miriam she’ll be back by Sunday and hugs her.

Angela arrives at Miriam's house to notify her that Iris's body has been found. She hugs the crying woman.

That night, some townsfolk and Senecas show up at Miriam's house to offer condolences and food. Audrey and Angela embrace Miriam. Then Miriam tells Angela to make Kurt pay for what he did.

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