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Miranda: Cole's BDSM Sex Partner

Miranda is a character in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She engages in BDSM sex with Cole Harmon.


Dexter Morgan and Lumen Pierce devise a plan to kill Cole Harmon in the hotel where Jordan Chase is holding seminars. 

Dexter books a room next to Cole’s and tries out his game plan for capturing him. He counts the steps to Cole’s bed and eliminates a squeak on a door hinge. Dexter is now ready to grab Cole that night while he sleeps. In the lobby, Dexter keeps his eye on Cole, noticing him flirting with an attractive, young blonde (Miranda).

It’s not long before Lumen arrives at the hotel with plastic sheeting, duct tape, and garbage bags. She and Dexter set up a kill room and wait patiently for Cole to return to his room which is next to theirs. Dexter plans to ambush him and inject him with M99.

Suddenly, a girl starts screaming in Cole's room, and Dexter assumes the worst. He sneaks into Cole's hotel room, only to find Cole living out a bondage fantasy with a willing blonde, the one he'd seen earlier. Dexter quickly exits the room, irritated that he must move the kill up to the next day. Lumen is frozen with terror, having experienced severe abuse.

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