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Milagro is a fictional fishing boat in Season Six of Showtimes series DEXTER.

Dexter Morgan was rescued by the Cuban refugees on board when he was about to drown.

Season Six

After Dexter Morgan survived Travis Marshall’s attempt to kill him in The Lake of Fire tableau, he was left clinging to a piece of a dinghy, floating miles out at sea.

When the wreckage he was clinging to sank, Dexter was about to drown. Instead, a fishing boat, the Milagro, appeared, and Cubans on board fished Dexter out of the water. One of them, who spoke English, told Dexter that he was very lucky, and that God was looking out for him.

During the trip, Alberto, captain of the boat pulled a pistol and began to rob the refugees. When he threatened a pregnant woman, Dexter impaled him with a boat hook and threw his body overboard. He then took over operation of the boat. As they neared land, Dexter and the refugees jumped into the water and waded ashore. Dexter asked a couple who were walking on the beach to borrow their cell phone, and he called Jamie Batista to pick him up.

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  • In Spanish, "Milagro" means "Miracle", fitting since Dexter would've eventually drowned if he hadn't been picked up.