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Mike Anderson 8

Mike Anderson after he was shot by Viktor Baskov

Mike Anderson Case is a police investigation in Season Seven of Showtime's series DEXTER.

It deals with the murder of homicide Detective Mike Anderson.

The previous major case before this one was the Doomsday Killer Case. The next and last major case after this one is the Brain Surgeon Case.


History of Killer[]

Viktor Baskov was the manager of the Koshka Brotherhood's business operations in America, under the direction of his boss and lover, Isaak Sirko. He was tasked with ensuring that the Columbians didn't push into their territory in Miami.

One night, Viktor picked up a stripper from The Fox Hole named Kaja Soroka and, for unclear reasons, he killed her. Mike Anderson stumbled upon her body inside his car and was promptly shot by Viktor.

After Viktor killed Mike, it was arranged that Viktor would be flown back to Ukraine. When he didn't show, Isaak then flew to Miami and started looking for him. Isaak learned that Viktor had been murdered, and began to search for his killer, while eliminating potential witnesses to the crimes.

Detectives on Case[]

Other operatives involved in the case:


  • Detective Mike Anderson - A detective with Miami Metro Homicide who stopped to help Viktor with a flat tire. He discovered Kaja's body in his trunk and was immediately shot by Baskov to cover his tracks.
  • Tony Rush - A bouncer at The Fox Hole and Kaja's boyfriend who was not happy with her leaving the club with Viktor. When police later questioned him, Tony told them about Viktor. Tony was soon visited by Isaak and Jurg while he was working in his garage. After Tony let it slip that he talked to the police, Isaak seemed understanding but he grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed Tony in the head with it, killing him.

Additional Victim[]

  • Alex Dubrozny - The Fox Hole's bartender who was coerced to commit suicide after he wrote a note implying that he killed Mike Anderson.

Closure of Case[]

The case is officially closed because Alex Dubrozny committed suicide and left a note confessing to the murders.

Fate of Killer[]

Viktor Baskov escaped justice from law enforcement. However, he was killed by Dexter Morgan inside a lost item storage unit in Miami International Airport. ("Are You...?")

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