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Miguel Prado

Miguel Prado ADA, Manipulator, Budding Serial Killer

Miguel Luis Prado is a character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He was the Assistant District Attorney (ADA) in Miami, and is the Main Antagonist of the season, along with George King aka The Skinner in a related storyline.

After his brother, Oscar Prado, is murdered, Miguel becomes involved in the life of Dexter Morgan.


Miguel, the tallest of his three brothers, is a tanned, handsome man with black hair matched to a mustache. He speaks with a slight accent.


He typically wears dress pants, an expensive button-up shirt (usually with a tie), and dress shoes. Underneath, he wears a sleeveless white t-shirt. On occasion, he adds a suit jacket. While fishing with Dexter, he wore a polo shirt. His kill attire is a pitch-black outfit, complete with black leather gloves and boots.


Miguel, a campaigner for justice, was notorious for his harsh enforcement of the law, which made him powerful, influential, and popular with the local police and citizens of Miami. He despised defense attorneys, whom he blamed when cold-blooded killers were set free. However, he was not above bending the law himself or using shady techniques to win cases. At least once, Miguel even let a wrongly convicted man remain in prison, rather than admit that he made a mistake in court.

After meeting Dexter, Miguel worked on breaking through his walls. Eventually, Dexter began to trust Miguel, and even viewed him as his best friend. (Ultimately, Dexter was betrayed by Miguel's ruthless ambition and realized that Miguel was using him).

Miguel knew that Dexter was a killer, and sitting idly by was not his strong-suit. He kept pushing Dexter to let him take part in pursuing killers. Dexter finally allowed Miguel to take the life of Billy Fleeter. This created an uncontrollable monster in Miguel that Dexter did not anticipate. Against Dexter’s wishes, Miguel killed attorney Ellen Wolf (an innocent). He told Dexter that he would do “whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted.” When Miguel targeted Maria LaGuerta, Dexter intervened and permanently "ended" their friendship.


Miguel was Cuban-born, arriving in the U.S. at young age. As ADA, Miguel was well-connected and viewed as an accomplished lawyer. He had two brothers, Ramon and Oscar, and a wife, Sylvia. His father was a Vietnam veteran and Miguel said he was abusive. At one point in the past, Miguel and Maria LaGuerta were involved romantically.


Dexter Morgan targets a drug dealer, Fred Bowman aka street name “Freebo,” who had killed two college girls. To get the layout of Freebo’s house, Dexter pretends to be a heroin addict and is allowed entry. While there, Dexter encounters Teegan Campbell, a junkie and prostitute.

Afterward, Dexter sets up a kill room in a raided stash house, and returns to Freebo’s house. However, things go awry when he finds Freebo engaged in a struggle with an unknown man. Dexter's sudden appearance surprises both men, and Freebo escapes. The unknown man turns his attention to Dexter, and thrusts a bayonet at him. After a brief struggle, Dexter kills the man with the bayonet. Dexter flees the scene with the weapon, upset that he killed someone he hadn’t vetted.

The next day, Dexter is called to his own crime scene to investigate the murder. The police assume that Freebo killed the man, who turns out to Oscar Prado, the younger brother of ADA Miguel Prado and Sheriff Lieutenant Ramon Prado. The high publicity of the case makes Freebo the center of a massive manhunt throughout the city. When police are unable to find Freebo, they believe that he has left the area.

Miguel gives a press conference in which he talks about his career as a Miami prosecutor vows to bring the killer to justice.

Dexter researches Oscar, hoping to find that he deserved to die, but only finds him guilty of three traffic infractions.

Miguel phones Dexter and they meet at the crime scene, where Dexter describes how Oscar died. Miguel sternly asks him why he investigated Oscar on the sheriff department’s database. Dexter defends himself by saying that he wanted to learn the details about Oscar’s life to help understand why someone killed him. Miguel apologizes and invites Dexter to his brother's wake that night to prove how much he was loved.

At the station, Debra gets in hot water when she loudly announces that Oscar Prado was a junkie and Miguel overhears her.

Later, Dexter shows up at Oscar’s well-attended wake. He and Miguel engage in a brief conversation, after which Miguel watches Dexter standing at the coffin, both appearing to be deep in thought.

Dexter arrives at the crime scene of a murdered, partially skinned hooker. Her identity is unknown and she’s declared a Jane Doe. Dexter, though, recognizes her -- Teegan, who is connected to Freebo. He keeps it to himself, assuming that Freebo killed her and he’s still somewhere in the city.

Miguel, impatient that his brother’s killer hasn’t been caught yet, insists that Maria let him help. He says that, as ADA, he can put pressure on other agencies. Maria assures him that her best people are working the case. He retorts that it’s the “same team that shared a roof with the Bay Harbor Butcher.” The comment stings Maria and he instantly apologizes, blaming it on his short fuse. Maria admits that she was too personally involved in the Butcher case, and warns him not to do the same with Oscar. As Miguel leaves Maria’s office, Dexter quickly closes his blinds. “Miguel’s seen too much of me,” he thought, “and I can’t comfort the grieving.”

An online search provides Dexter with an address for Teegan Campbell, and he hopes it will lead to Freebo.

Dexter’s efforts to avoid Miguel fail when he’s ambushed in the parking lot. He thanks Dexter for his help and invites him to dinner, along with Rita, adding that he rarely takes no for an answer. Miguel remarks that he wants to pick his brain about something.

That evening, Rita accompanies Dexter to Miguel’s house. Sylvia, Miguel’s wife, and Rita instantly hit it off and become fast friends. Meanwhile, Miguel and Dexter hang out in the study, getting to know each other. Dexter, curious, looks at the photos of the Prado family. Miguel tells him that his father was a drunk and a bastard, and he may have some of the same traits. Then Miguel brings up what’s on his mind. He wants to talk to someone inside the investigation, and asks Dexter if he’s certain that Freebo will be found. Dexter thinks so, but it takes time. His answer doesn’t satisfy Miguel who can’t control his impatience. When Miguel mentions having a lead, Dexter persuades him to reveal that Ramon Prado has taken the cell phone belonging to Freebo’s mother, so if Freebo calls her, they can track him.

Later, when Dexter goes looking for Teegan, he learns from two sorority girls that she has moved to a new address.

Miguel and Ramon are talking about Freebo at an outdoor cafe when Maria shows up. She privately informs Miguel of new evidence that proves that Chicky Hines didn’t commit the carjacking/homicide, meaning that Miguel convicted the wrong man. Although he takes it hard, Miguel tells Maria that he appreciates her being straight with him.

After dark, Dexter breaks into Teegan’s place and finds Freebo hiding out there. After retrieving his kill tools, he captures Freebo and sets up a kill room in the detached garage. Dexter collects a blood slide, confronts Freebo with his crimes, and then stabs him in the neck with Oscar Prado’s bayonet.

Meanwhile, Miguel has tracked Freebo to Teegan’s place, intending to shoot him. Dexter hears a noise outside and quickly strips off his kill outfit. He grabs the bloody bayonet and goes to investigate. When he runs into Miguel, they’re both shocked.

Having caught Dexter with a murder weapon in his hand, Miguel asks if Freebo is dead. Dexter convinces Miguel that while he was following a forensic lead, he ended up killing Freebo in self-defense. Miguel recognizes the bayonet as having belonged to his father. He hugs Dexter and tries to help destroy the evidence. Dexter, though, won’t allow Miguel into the garage. He tells him to leave, citing “plausible deniability.” Holding Dexter’s head in his hands, Miguel thanks Dexter. The camera pans to blood on Miguel’s shirt.

When Miguel walks into the homicide department, everyone immediately acts like they’re working on the Oscar Prado case. Dexter thought, he’s the only living person who’s seen me with blood on my hands. Miguel praises the work of Dexter to Maria, and Dexter wonders why Miguel is trying so hard to be his friend. Since Miguel knows that Freebo is actually dead, he tries to persuade Maria to back off the investigation, stating that the police are wasting their resources, but she won’t hear of it.

After Miguel thanks Maria, he walks over to Dexter and invites him and Rita to Viennes Cultural that night. Dexter tries to get out of it but Miguel says that his wife already talked to Rita and she would love to go.

Angel asks Maria when Miguel is going to speak to Chicky Hines, and she’s surprised that he hasn’t yet. She promises Angel that she will talk with Miguel.

As Miguel is leaving the department, he hears Debra announce that another body has been found with skin sliced off. He and Dexter stare at each other, as Miguel wonders if Freebo is really dead. At the crime scene, the dead person is identified as Javier Garza, the pimp that Debra questioned about “Jane Doe” and who is linked to Freebo. The police assume that Javier was murdered by Freebo, but Dexter knows that’s not possible.

Later, at the beach event, Miguel formally introduces Dexter to his brother, Ramon, and Ramon’s wife. Dexter is taken aback when Ramon says that Miguel is always talking about him. Ramon then accuses Dexter of being part of the team that will never catch his brother’s killer, which makes Miguel uncomfortable. Miguel takes Dexter away to grab a beer, which he gets for free. Miguel explains this to Dexter as people knowing he’s on their side.

As Miguel and Dexter stroll through the crowd, Miguel brings up Freebo. He asks Dexter if he came back from the dead or the police are mistaken. Dexter assures him that Freebo is dead, and Miguel again thanks him.

After dark, Miguel shows up at Dexter’s apartment with a bottle of rum. He’s disappointed when Dexter doesn’t let him in. Instead, Dexter retrieves two glasses and they stand outside on the balcony. Miguel talks about his father who was a college professor in Cuba until he brought his family to the U.S. on an old fishing boat when Miguel was five-years-old. He adds that his father was abusive when drinking. When Miguel states that his father considered him a failure, Dexter replies that his father was disgusted by him. Miguel is outraged and calls Harry an idiot.

Miguel then proposes a solution to their “problem.” He wants to dump Freebo’s body where it can be found so the case can be closed. Dexter says it’s not possible, but Miguel persists until Dexter agrees to take him to the place tomorrow.

To prove that Freebo is dead, Dexter directs Miguel to West-Gate Cemetery and shows him a grave where Freebo is supposedly buried under a casket. However, Dexter is lying as he doesn’t want to reveal that he dismembered Freebo and disposed of him at sea. Miguel thinks that burying a body in an open grave is a brilliant idea. He wants to exhume the corpse but Dexter talks him out of it, claiming that since it was his first kill, he may have left evidence behind. Now that Miguel acknowledges that another killer is out there, he wants to steer the police away from Freebo.

Despite that Maria has a witness who can clear Chicky Hines, Miguel pushes for the maximum sentence. After the trial, he tells a confused Maria that the evidence just didn’t add up. Maria overhears the defense attorney, Ellen Wolf, accuse Miguel of sending an innocent man to prison for twenty years.

Dexter posts a missing person flyer for Teegan in a spot where Debra sees it. Subsequently, Freebo is cleared for the murders of Teegan and Javier Garza.

Now that the investigation is no longer focused on Freebo, Dexter calls Miguel to give him the good news. Miguel wants them to meet after work under the bridge near the beach club.

At the bridge, Miguel reveals his belief that Dexter is responsible for refocusing the investigation, though Dexter denies it. Miguel accuses Dexter of always having his guard up, but he appreciates that Dexter is cautious. He then takes Dexter to his car and hands him the shirt with Freebo’s blood on it to give Dexter “peace.” Miguel knows the shirt can implicate him as an accessory after the fact, but says that he trusts Dexter. In return, he wants Dexter to trust him, adding that he likes him, and he likes working with him. As he leaves, Miguel tells Dexter that he’s a good man who has lots of potential. Dexter wonders if he’s actually made a friend.

Miguel and Sylvia hold a barbeque party that’s attended by Ramon’s family and Dexter’s family. From a distance, Dexter watches Miguel and Ramon engage in a heated argument, until Ramon finally storms off. Dexter asks Miguel if everything is alright. He says that Ramon is obsessed with finding Oscar’s killer and is drinking heavily. Miguel wants to give his brother peace by telling him that Freebo is dead. Dexter is firmly against this because Ramon is unstable and has a temper. Reluctantly Miguel agrees to hold off for now.

Dexter decides to prove to Miguel that Ramon is a loose canon. He first provokes Ramon in a diner by telling him that Miguel is worried about his drinking and has accepted Oscar’s death. Dexter then makes anonymous phone calls to Ramon, claiming that Freebo is still in Miami. This later leads to Ramon blowing up in public.

Maria visits Miguel in his office and asks why he hasn’t interviewed the witness who can clear Chicky Hines. Miguel scoffs and describes the witness as a habitual criminal who is trying to beat a drug rap. Maria is taken aback when Miguel says that it’s really about her not accepting the truth about James Doakes.

Miguel is hanging out in Dexter’s apartment. Dexter asks for his advice on proposing to Rita and they talk for a minute about women. Soon, Miguel turns the conversation to Ramon and telling him that Freebo is dead, which Dexter is still against.

At the station, Maria and Angel discuss Miguel’s refusal to talk to the witness. When Angel tells Maria that she can’t do anything about it, she replies, “Maybe.”

Ramon, in a foul mood, shows up in the homicide department and accuses them of not following leads in Oscar’s case. He mentions the anonymous caller who claimed that he called the police four times (which never happened). Before he leaves, Ramon looks around the room and says, “Just do your fucking job.”

Maria visits Ellen Wolf, bringing the evidence that can overturn the conviction of Chicky Hines. Ellen is impressed that someone from the police department is helping the defense. Maria says it’s about doing what’s right, and they share cupcakes and scotch.

Dexter anonymously calls Ramon, pretending to know the location of Freebo. He sets up a meeting with Ramon at a bar, and then goes to Miguel’s office. Dexter tells Miguel that he’s changed his mind and they should tell Ramon about Freebo. Miguel is relieved and calls Ramon to arrange a meeting. Ramon, however, is drunk and is heard swearing at the bartender. When Miguel and Dexter arrive at the bar, Ramon refuses to leave with them. He asks Miguel and Dexter if they are “Batman and Robin.” Both brothers then tell Dexter that he should leave. On his way out, Dexter lies to a bouncer that Ramon is harassing a woman and has a gun. The bouncer ends up getting punched by Ramon.

The next morning, Miguel and Dexter meet at the beach. Miguel says that he lost Oscar to drugs long before he was murdered, and realizes he’s losing Ramon. He tells Dexter that he’s the only person he can trust. Miguel adds that he can see Dexter doesn’t trust easily and is used to carrying his secrets by himself. He views that as a burden, as he’s used to having a brother to share the load. Miguel, though, finally agrees with Dexter that Ramon should not be told about Freebo.

While Miguel is playing golf with Dexter, he asks to see the picture of Rita and Dexter’s unborn baby. Dexter, who is not yet sure how he feels about becoming a father, is told by Miguel that his life is going to change forever. Suddenly, a golf ball from out of nowhere strikes their golf cart, and Miguel loses his temper.

Still angry, Miguel tells Dexter about a man named Ethan Turner who killed his second his wife on a cruise ship. Since it was in international waters, Miguel has no jurisdiction which is frustrating him. Turner also killed his first wife five years ago by drug overdose, and then used her money to hire a “legal dream team,” resulting in him not being convicted. Dexter makes a mental note to look into this wife-killer.

Later, Miguel and Dexter, along with their wives, have lunch at Miguel's country club. The ladies talk about receiving massages at the spa, and Dexter jokes, “Lying naked on a table, helpless. No thanks.” The conversation turns awkward when Rita mentions selling her house so that she and Dexter can buy a bigger one together. Sylvia tells Dexter that he’s wasting money on his apartment. Dexter, though, isn’t ready to lose his privacy and remarks that he may keep his apartment. This takes the others by surprise, and a concerned Rita and Sylvia head off to the buffet. Miguel apologizes to Dexter for his wife’s involvement and says, “Every man needs his privacy. Some more than others.”

Dexter returns to his apartment that night and looks up Ethan Turner online.

The next day, Miguel angrily tells Dexter over the phone that Turner will definitely not be prosecuted for the recent murder of his wife due to lack of evidence. He's also disgusted that Turner left the children of his first wife penniless.

Dexter stalks Turner at a sporting goods store and makes casual conversation with him. He learns that Turner is going on a cruise the next day, and Bimini is the first stop.

The morning, as Dexter is readying his boat, Miguel shows up at the dock. Dexter explains that he’s going fishing at Mercy Reef. Miguel says he’d like to go, but can’t due to work (which relieves Dexter). After Miguel leaves, Dexter takes off alone to Bimini with a plan to kill Turner (which he accomplishes).

While looking at a new house with Sylvia, Rita has a serious pregnancy complication and is taken to the hospital. No one can reach Dexter, so Miguel calls Debra and the Coast Guard. Dexter only learns about Rita when he returns from Bimini and listens to his messages. He then hurries to the hospital.

Later at Rita’s house, Miguel helps Dexter tuck in the kids. Afterward, he confronts Dexter with his suspicions. Because Ethan Turner has mysteriously disappeared and the Coast Guard couldn’t find Dexter at Mercy Reef, Miguel concludes that Dexter lied about his whereabouts. He believes that Dexter was on the cruise ship executing justice. Dexter denies it, but Miguel assures him that he’s grateful two women were avenged. He leaves Dexter feeling that he’s proud of him.

Dexter and Miguel are enjoying the day, fishing and drinking beer on Dexter's boat, when Miguel brings up the subject of Ethan Turner.

Miguel: “What did it feel like to, uh... take him out, hmm? To end his life.”
So much for the simple joys of male bonding, Dexter thought. Like I could explain or Miguel could understand.
Dexter: “You put people on death row. You must know what it's like.”
Miguel: “Oh, no, but there's like an ocean of bureaucracy of briefs and appeals between me and that bad guy taking his last breath. I'm asking you what did it feel like to use your hands, to... to make this a better place?”
Dexter: (after a pause) “It felt... right. Felt like justice.”
Miguel: “I've got, like, five floors of prosecutors and the whole police department at my fingertips, and you did what I couldn't. You came through for me, Dex. I been sleepin' like a baby ever since. Like I said the other night, I know you, Dexter. I see who you are. We're like-minded. Hmm? Together, we can make a difference.”

Later, while swimming alone in his pool, Dexter questions if Miguel is really like-minded. Just because he can gut a fish doesn't qualify him to hang with me while I... do what I do best.

Deciding to test Miguel, Dexter combs through Florida's DOC files looking for a target with a high degree of difficulty and jeopardy. He hopes that Miguel will understand that he’s in way over his head and back off.

Meanwhile, Ellen files a motion that could have Miguel disbarred, which angers Maria. Ellen defends her actions by saying that Miguel has been playing fast and loose for a long time with legal ethics.

Dexter presents a risky target to Miguel -- Clemson Galt, an Aryan-affiliated inmate who hammered his girlfriend, Jenna Kendrick, to death because she was pregnant. Although he was never convicted of her murder, he’s doing 15 to 20 years for armed robbery in an upstate supermax prison. While incarcerated, Galt is still running things from his prison cell, which includes having authorized the brutal murders of an Aryan defector’s family. Dexter suggests breaking Galt out of prison so they can kill him. Miguel protests, insisting that it’s too dangerous and would expose them. I just need to sit back, Dexter thought. He'll see the pros are heavily outweighed by the cons, and we'll be back to Mojitos and barbecues.

Dexter: “Yeah, when you get right down to it, I guess Ethan Turner was an accident of opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”
Miguel: “What about Freebo? Another accident of opportunity?”
Dexter: “Well, that situation just sort of... unfolded. You're right. We both have too much to lose. Hey, we took out the garbage... twice. We should quit while we're ahead.”
Miguel: “No. I owe you this one, Dexter. You stuck your neck out for me twice now."
Dexter: “No, you don't owe me.”
Miguel: “Fair is fair. And I won't let you down. But we need to come up with a real plan.”

Dexter arrives at work, still thinking about Miguel’s willingness to murder Galt. Although Galt’s been on his top-10 list for years, the goal isn't to satisfy his need, but to get Miguel to find another “hobby.”

At lunch, Miguel informs Dexter that he has just subpoenaed Galt as an expert witness in a racketeering case. He says it will give them an opportunity to help Galt escape so they can get their hands on him. Dexter is surprised at Miguel’s aptitude for this line of work.

At the courthouse, Miguel details his plan of action to Dexter. While there, Miguel spots Ellen Wolf and doesn’t conceal his hatred of her.

After Galt is brought to the Miami courthouse, Miguel meets with him in a holding cell. He claims that the Aryan Brotherhood have forced him to help Galt escape. Before he leaves, Miguel slips Galt a key. Galt takes the bait, unlocks his handcuffs, and escapes through a side door. Miguel, though, is unable to prevent a guard from entering the room soon after.

Posing as a fellow white supremacist, Dexter greets Galt in the parking lot. Suddenly, alarms begin to sound as Galt is now discovered missing. Dexter watches Miguel talking with the guards, and he knocks Galt out with an injection to the neck. He wonders if Miguel can be trusted until he pulls up in his SUV and drives them to Dexter's car. They plan to meet up at the stash house.

Dexter, though, isn’t ready to share the ritual with anyone, so he takes Galt to Jenna Kendrick’s house instead of the stash house. Galt wakes up on a kill table, wrapped in plastic, and Dexter collects a blood slide. After a pre-kill talk, Dexter plunges his knife into Galt's chest. Meanwhile, Miguel arrives at the empty stash house. When he realizes that he's been duped, Miguel smiles.

Dexter believes that he's found his first good friend in Miguel.

Dexter has a dream in which he’s (again) dismembering Juan Ryness. Instead of Harry entering the room, though, it’s Miguel dressed in his golfing clothes. He says, when Dexter’s finished, they’ll work on his “slice.” Dexter wakes up, feeling “exposed.”

At work, Dexter notices Miguel pressuring Ramon to take an early retirement offer because he illegally tortured Felipe Cepeda. On his way out, Miguel tells Dexter that he needs to blow off steam and to meet him at the driving range after work.

While they’re golfing, Miguel gripes about a man named Albert Chung who just murdered a college valedictorian. Miguel accuses Ellen of being responsible for Chung avoiding prosecution when he nearly killed an elderly woman. Miguel suggests killing Ellen because she keeps putting criminals back on the streets. Dexter, though, says it’s her job to help her clients, and asks if she’s actually killed anyone. Miguel tells Dexter that he’s being “too literal” and to "keep an open mind about her.”

Ellen meets with Maria in her office and reveals Miguel’s shady activities, which include missing evidence, witness intimidation, and jury tampering. Miguel soon shows up at the station to negotiate the terms of Albert Chung’s surrender. Maria, Ellen, Miguel, along with Dexter, meet in the conference room. It’s not long before insults fly between Ellen and Miguel. When Ellen tells Dexter that she can discredit his blood work, he thinks, “Do I see sheets of plastic in your future?”

That night, Dexter and Rita have dinner at Miguel’s house. Miguel is in a foul mood, and when Sylvia drops a plate, he lashes out at her. After this, while Dexter is alone with Miguel in his study, he says they can’t kill Ellen. This angers Miguel, prompting Dexter and Rita to leave early. Rita questions Dexter about his friendship with Miguel, but Dexter reveals little.

The next day, Dexter and Miguel meet in a cafe. Miguel is now in a pleasant mood because Chung has been captured with Ellen’s help. He admits to Dexter that he was wrong in wanting to kill her. Again viewing Miguel as a friend, Dexter asks him to be his best man at his wedding, and Miguel agrees.

Miguel is at Dexter’s apartment and they’re sharing a pizza and drinking beer. Miguel turns on the TV and enthusiastically watches a basketball game. Dexter, however, says he’s “more of a National Geographic kind of guy.” When (without permission) Miguel tries to log in to Dexter’s computer, he can’t because he doesn’t know the password. He remarks on Dexter’s trust issues. Once online, Miguel pulls up Billy Fleeter, a brutal gambling enforcer. Dexter is taken off guard when Miguel says that he wants to kill Fleeter himself.

At work the next day, Dexter does additional research on Fleeter and weighs the pros and cons of killing him.

To study Fleeter and his habits, Dexter and Miguel go to the Oceanfront Casino where Fleeter hangs out. They pretend to play the slot machines as they watch Fleeter playing blackjack. Dexter accidentally mentions The Code which arouses Miguel’s curiosity. Dexter offers a partial explanation, only that it’s a set of rules designed to avoid being caught based on police experience.

Dexter and Miguel break into Fleeter's house to find proof that he's guilty. They are successful when Miguel finds a baseball bat with blood on it, and Dexter discovers a small record book that indicates Fleeter is $30,000 in the hole.

Next, Dexter takes Miguel shopping for the supplies needed for the kill. Miguel suggests using a small caliber gun to the head, but Dexter explains that it’s too noisy and will leave evidence. Instead, he shows Miguel a large knife, implying that it’s better to kill up close and personal.

Together, they set up a kill room in an old casino storage room. Now ready to capture Fleeter, Miguel and Dexter return to the casino where they find Fleeter drinking at the bar and watching a basketball game. Miguel is dressed, as Dexter puts it, like the Unabomber. As they sit next to Fleeter, they exchange a few words. When his team loses, Fleeter leaves in a bad temper, insinuating that he is going to hurt someone. As they are following Fleeter out, Miguel is recognized by a stranger. This results in Dexter calling off the kill since Miguel has been seen in the same place with the proposed victim.

The next day, Miguel meets with Dexter on a pier and they engage in a tense conversation.

Miguel: “Oh, I can tell by that look on your face, you're trying to figure out how to tell me something I don't wanna hear.”
Dexter: “Calling off the kill. It's over.”
Miguel: “Really, Dex? Just because some guy recognized me in a bar? No one is ever gonna make that connection once Fleeter disappears.”
Dexter: “I'm not taking that chance.”
Miguel: “'Cause that's not the way you do things, right.”
Dexter: “No, it isn't.”
Miguel: “Tell me about that.”
Dexter: “What are you asking?”
Miguel: “I wasn't gonna bring it up before, but I'm guessing... you've been doing this for a while. Freebo wasn't your first. Was he? How many, Dex?" [Dexter doesn't answer.] "Okay, you know what, it doesn't matter. I will respect your privacy. But I just don't understand why are you not gonna help me here? Just because we -- we broke this little rule from your code? Come on, Dex. It's okay.”
Dexter: (angrily) “No, it's not okay. You never should have asked me to help you. You're not ready.”
Miguel: “I'm not -- or is it you that's not ready? Huh? Because we could have dealt with this Fleeter problem like three times already, and you keep throwing up all of these roadblocks with all this code bullshit.”
Dexter: “It's not bullshit.”
Miguel: “Oh, come on. Keep telling yourself that, Dex. Come on, it's like wearing a fucking strait jacket, man.”
Dexter: “No, Miguel, it's just the opposite. If I didn't have the Code, the darkness --”
Miguel: (after pacing a bit) “I could stand here and tell you another story about my abusive father, but what I haven't told you about is the time that I kicked the shit out of him and knocked him down a flight of stairs. And I really enjoyed it. That was the first time in my life that I've ever felt... powerful like... like I was in control of -- of something. And ever since then, I've been trying to -- to get that feeling back again. So when you talk to me about... the darkness inside of you... I understand. I really do. I just want to let some of mine out too. I know you understand that.”

After Miguel’s persuasive plea, Dexter decides to go ahead with the kill. When Fleeter arrives home with his dinner, Miguel draws his attention while Dexter injects him with M99. Together they take him to the kill room in the casino storage room. With Dexter's guidance, Miguel stabs Fleeter, which he enjoys. However, when Miguel tries to take Fleeter’s ring as souvenir, Dexter stops him. He tells Miguel to go home and he will take care of the body. Miguel thanks Dexter and leaves.

Instead of going home, though, Miguel drives to Ellen Wolf’s house. When she answers the door, he pushes his way inside.

In early morning, a worried Sylvia shows up at Rita's house. She tells Rita and Dexter that Miguel just got home an hour ago and she thinks he’s cheating her.

Dexter catches Miguel (still hyped about last night) as he’s leaving for work. He tells Miguel about Sylvia’s suspicions, adding that he tried to cover for him but didn’t know that he stayed out all night. Miguel nonchalantly states that he was too wired to go home so he hung out at Jack’s Hideaway until the sun was up. Hearing this, Dexter realizes that Miguel is lying, because last year he grabbed a wife-killer at Jack’s at closing time -- 2:00 a.m.

At work, Dexter learns from Maria that Ellen Wolf didn’t appear in court that morning and she's not answering her calls. Dexter phones Miguel, who is still in a good mood due to the continuance. Miguel wants to meet for lunch, remarking that he has ideas for more “projects.”

Suspecting that Miguel killed Ellen behind his back, he goes to her house. After finding her car in the driveway, he breaks inside the home to investigate. They are no signs of foul play but, when he sprays Luminol, he discovers blood.

Meanwhile, Miguel brings flowers to an open house to apologize to his wife. Instead of Sylvia working there, however, he finds Rita. Miguel starts to give the flowers to her, but Rita says they should be given to Sylvia. Rita confronts Miguel about his behavior toward his wife; he admits that Rita is right and says she's saving his life.

Having told Miguel that he disposes of bodies in cemeteries, he discovers Ellen’s corpse buried in an open grave at West-Gate Cemetery. After Dexter re-covers the body, he calls Miguel to take him up on his lunch offer.

At the cafe, Dexter informs Miguel that he knows that he killed Ellen against his wishes. Miguel brushes it off as just a minor difference of opinion between friends. Dexter rules out any more independent projects, but Miguel makes it clear that he will continue to kill anyone he chooses.

Because Miguel believes he’s untouchable, Dexter decides to teach him that he's not. He returns to the cemetery and uncovers Ellen’s body. Children soon discover it.

At the station, Debra, Quinn, and Batista ask for Miguel's help to have George King arrested, hoping to buy time to find Anton Briggs. Miguel reluctantly agrees only after Maria pressures him.

A call comes in to report a female body at the cemetery. Miguel realizes that Dexter is responsible for the police investigation. While at the cemetery, he thanks Dexter for teaching him a lesson, but Dexter doubts his sincerity.

After getting subtle permission from Batista, Miguel turns off the surveillance camera in the interrogation room. While no one is watching or listening, Miguel talks to George King. When Miguel exits the room, he says that he couldn’t make a deal, and King is released.

Later, Miguel finds Maria sitting alone in her dark office, grieving the death of Ellen. He comforts her, saying that he’s there for her. Then he holds her as she weeps.

At home, Rita tells Dexter what Miguel told her, and the words match what Miguel told Dexter at the cemetery.

Now distrusting Miguel, Dexter runs a test on the shirt with Freebo's blood with stain turning out to be cow’s blood. Dexter realizes that Miguel has been using him the entire time. Although inwardly furious, he hides it from Miguel, even agreeing to golf with him the next day.

Dexter and Miguel, with their wives, are eating dinner at a fancy restaurant. As Miguel and Dexter engage in friendly chit chat about golf, Dexter is silently weighing his options on how to deal with Miguel. The Prados reveal that they’ve arranged catering for Dexter and Rita's wedding. Rita is thrilled, but Dexter realizes it’s a manipulative ploy by Miguel. On the way home, Dexter grumbles to Rita about Miguel, which she interprets to mean that Miguel is cheating on his wife with Maria.

Miguel is displeased to find Dexter in his office playing a game on his computer. However, he’s intrigued when Dexter says there is a witness in the Ellen Wolf case. He asks what they’re going to do about it, since they’re partners. Dexter replies that he doesn’t want a partner and they should go their separate ways after the wedding. He subtly threatens Miguel by reminding him that he’s a blood spatter expert.

At the police station, Miguel listens as Maria interviews Toby Edwards, the witness. When she presses Toby for more details, he describes seeing a dark-colored SUV with bright halogen headlights driving away. (It's the same type of car that Miguel drives.)

Later, while Miguel and Maria are drinking wine at her house, they begin to kiss. This is interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Dexter who wants to limit Miguel's hold over Maria. Miguel understands what he’s trying to do. Meanwhile, Rita has disclosed to Miguel's wife, Sylvia, her suspicions about Miguel and Maria. To confirm if it’s true, Sylvia drives to Maria's house, arriving just as Miguel and Maria are walking outside. Sylvia furiously accuses Miguel of having an affair, and states, "I'm done!" As Miguel drives away, Maria is blinded by his headlights.

The next morning, Miguel is waiting for Dexter at Sadie's Donuts. Miguel believes that Dexter himself sent Sylvia to Maria's house, and tells Dexter that he has crossed a line. Miguel threatens him, saying that his office might conduct an ethics investigation into his sister, Debra, related to her relationship with C.I. Anton Briggs. It’s contingent upon Dexter's help in the Ellen Wolf case. Dexter thought, He has no idea the door he just opened.

Dexter is let into Miguel's house by the housekeeper, under the ruse that he is researching a best man's gift for Miguel. Dexter heads alone to Miguel’s study, after telling her, “I'll be out in a jiffy.” Dexter finds Ellen’s ring hidden in a cigar box. He steals the ring and leaves a dry cleaner claim slip in its place. When Miguel comes home to pick up some of his belongings, he discovers that the ring is missing. Miguel takes the slip to the cleaner and retrieves the shirt he had given to Dexter, still stained with blood.

Miguel heads to the police station and motions for Dexter to go up to the roof. Dexter climbs the stairs and finds an irate Miguel waiting for him.

Miguel: (with the blood-stained shirt) “Think this is funny?”
Dexter: (sarcastically) “Not at all. They said that stain would come out!”
Miguel: “Fuck you! I didn't get to where I am, who I am, by letting some little gusano like you walk all over me! Where's my ring?”
Dexter: “It's not your ring. It's Ellen's. Though you did leave a nice, clean print on it.”
Miguel: “Oh, there's plenty of blood on your hands too! Ethan Turner, Clemson Galt.”
Dexter: “All deserving... with nothing to tie me to their deaths and no bodies to prove that they're even dead.”
Miguel: “Maybe in a court of law. But how's that little bride of yours gonna feel when she has to start answering some questions? ‘Cause she's gotta wonder where you go, what you do, who you really are.”
Dexter: “She knows everything she needs to, and it's gonna stay that way or that ring might show up someplace very inconvenient.”
Miguel: (infuriated) “I am the last person you wanna fuck with, because I will fuck you back in ways you never even imagined! An anonymous tip, couple of search warrants. Hmm? Who knows what the police might find in your apartment or in that little boat of yours. You got the ring. I GOT CITY FUCKING HALL!"
Dexter: “Wow. I didn't get it before, Miguel, but you can't be reasoned with, guilted, controlled. This whole back-and-forth game for leverage is pointless.”
Miguel: (angrily) “That's right! I'll do what I want when I want to whomever I want! -- Count on it!”
Dexter: (with a slight smile) “I will.” As he walks away, he quietly says, “Thank you.”

Harry was right, Dexter thought, He's always been right. There are the innocent, and there are the deserving... Harry also said it's all about choices. Good and bad. My search for connection always ends in blood.”

Miguel, still on the roof, makes a phone call to George King who has been watching them through binoculars.

Miguel: “You get a good look at him?”
George: “Yes. How do I know this is not a trap?”
Miguel: “Oye. If I wanted you in jail, I wouldn't have let you loose in the first place, okay?”
George: “And you believe this man knows where Freebo is?”
Miguel: “He's the only one who does.”
George: “His name?”
Miguel:Dexter Morgan. You want Freebo, you want your money... then you need to have a long conversation with him.”

Even Harry would agree, Dexter thought, Miguel has left me no other choice. As challenging as it will be, it's back to option one. I kill him.

Later, Dexter pulls into the parking space at his apartment building. As he gets out of the car, his phone rings. As he tries to answer it, someone from behind pulls a black hood over his head. Dexter is pushed inside the trunk of a car, and it drives off.

Dexter kills Miguel

Upon the opening of the trunk, Dexter learns that his kidnapping was a prank by co-coworkers to deliver him to his bachelor party. He watches Ramon drop off Miguel, wondering if Ramon is his designated driver or his bodyguard. Putting on his “party face,” Dexter sits in the middle of the room, staring at Miguel who stares back. In short order, Miguel taps his glass to get everyone’s attention. He gives a speech about friendship as Dexter thinks about killing him.

Maria begins to suspect Miguel of Ellen’s murder, due to the description of a vehicle seen at at the time that matches Miguel’s SUV. She invites Miguel to her house to talk and for dinner. While he’s there, Maria slips out and secretly collects hair and fiber from the back of his car. As he’s about to leave, a car alarm alerts Miguel that his rear liftgate is ajar. He instantly knows that Maria accidentally left it open. Dexter, who is watching from a distance, realizes that Maria is now in danger.

Maria asks Dexter to run the hair and fiber she collected against all victims for the last ten days, but to keep it off the record. She logs Dexter into the evidence database under her name. At the hotel, Miguel hears a beeping from his laptop and discovers that Maria has logged into Ellen’s Wolf’s file. He decides to end her investigation into him.

Maria, having found the hair analysis report, calls Dexter into her office and demands his secrecy. When she tells him that she suspects Miguel of killing Ellen, Dexter pretends to be shocked. When she mentions getting a warrant to properly obtain evidence, Dexter says that he doubts a court will issue one on a well-respected member of the court. He persuades Maria to wait until she has a solid case. (This will give Dexter time to kill Miguel.)

Dexter tricks a chambermaid into letting him into Miguel’s hotel room. He sees the newly bought hardware store items and notices the computer alert. Dexter realizes that Miguel is planning to kill Maria that night, especially since Miguel is presently in the hotel bar getting Ramon black-out drunk to use him as an alibi.

Miguel breaks into Maria’s house to kill her, but she’s not home. As he exits the house, Miguel is ambushed and quickly injected with M99 by Dexter. Miguel wakes up in Ellen’s house, strapped to a table in a plastic-covered room. Next to him are pictures of Ellen and Maria, as well as a set of knives. Miguel, frightened, admits to crossing the line and says it doesn't have to come to this, to which Dexter responds that it always does.

Dexter voices his disappointment at Miguel’s betrayal, and says he must face the fact that he’ll always be alone. Miguel insists that he tried to crack Dexter’s armor, but he wouldn’t let him in. When Miguel proclaims to know the real Dexter, Dexter retorts that many have known the real side of him as they lay on his table. Dexter describes his victims as unchecked versions of himself, and what he would’ve become without Harry’s Code. Miguel says they deserved to die, but he’s like Dexter. Dexter refutes this by stating that he knows he’s a monster.

Miguel tries to soften Dexter by saying that he accepts him like a brother. Dexter calmly tells him that he killed his own brother, as well as Miguel's. This revelation enrages Miguel, but Dexter reminds him of what he said at his bachelor party: “Friends are always honest.” Miguel begs for forgiveness once more, but Dexter doesn’t relent. He wraps a wire around Miguel’s neck and strangles him. Before he dies, Miguel yells, “You think I’m done with you? You think this ends here? It doesn’t!” Dexter replies, “It does for you.”

Dexter frames The Skinner by leaving Miguel's partially skinned body in a public park. Maria is upset that Miguel will be remembered as a hero, and is having a highway interchange named after him. Dexter persuades Maria to let it go by reminding her that there’s no legally obtained evidence to link Miguel to Ellen’s murder. He adds that revealing the true Miguel would tear apart his family and the Cuban community.

Before his wedding, Dexter is kidnapped by George King and nearly killed, but he manages to escape.



  • Billy Fleeter (age 40) - He stabbed him in the chest under Dexter's supervision.
  • Ellen Wolf (age 38) - He beat, strangled, and stabbed her in the chest.



  • His Unnamed Father (false claim) - Miguel told Dexter that he beat up his father and threw him down the stairs in his early life and that he enjoyed it. Later, Ramon Prado told Dexter that it was he who did it, not Miguel.
  • Fred Bowman aka Freebo - Miguel found his hideout and was ready to shoot him, only to learn that Dexter had already killed him.
  • Maria LaGuerta - Miguel broke into her house intending to kill her, but she was not at home.
  • Dexter Morgan - He told George King that Dexter knew of Freebo's whereabouts in hopes that King would kill him.


  • Unknown Person - Miguel had a candidate for their next shared kill on the day after he killed Billy Fleeter and Ellen Wolf, but the idea was abandoned by both of them.
  • George King - Miguel suggested King to Dexter as their next "shared project."

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  • Miguel had a penchant for keeping trophies. He tried to steal Billy Fleeter’s varsity ring (but was stopped by Dexter). Later, he took one of Ellen Wolf's two wedding rings and stored it in his cigar humidor.
  • Miguel had a handgun and intended to shoot Freebo, as well as Billy Fleeter. However, Dexter explained that guns leave too much evidence, after which Miguel used a knife on Fleeter and Ellen Wolf.
  • Miguel derived pleasure in disemboweling the fish he caught with with Dexter.
  • After Season Three, Miguel is not mentioned again until Season Five, when Dexter wondered if Lumen Pierce could accept what he does.
  • In Season Eight, Sylvia Prado, Miguel’s widow, assisted Dexter when he needed to sell his condo. She briefly mentioned Miguel.
  • Miguel is the first main antagonist to not be killed in the final episode of a season.
  • After his experience with Miguel, Dexter is wary about having another partner, only accepting one two years later in Lumen Pierce, and an apprentice five years later in Zach Hamilton.