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Migdia LaGuerta (spelled "Maria" for her television counterpart) is a Character in the Dexter Novels.

She was a Detective in the Miami Dade Police Department, Her co-workers included Sergeant Albert Doakes, Officer Deborah Morgan, Captain Matthews, and forensic analysts Vince Masuoka and Dexter Morgan.


She is described as an incompetent police officer. Her rank as a homicide detective is attributed to her skill at playing politics, sex, and kissing ass -- a winning combination in Miami law enforcement, according to Dexter.


Migdia is a Cuban woman who is "physically attractive in a sullen, aristocratic way. A true artist with her makeup and very well dressed." While outwardly very feminine, Dexter says he's never met woman more masculine inside


Deborah Morgan

Migdia and Deborah have a deep loathing for one another, which is soon apparent. While Migdia is obviously the inferior police officer, she treats Deborah in a condescending manner and constantly obstructs her.

Dexter Morgan 

At first, Migdia seems to have a romantic or sexual interest in Dexter. After Dexter manipulates her with information on the Jaworski case and he spurns her advances, she turns into a bitter adversary.

Captain Matthews

Although never mentioned, it is likely Captain Matthews who promoted LaGuerta to the rank of Detective, insinuating he had a certain amount of respect for her capabilities. Later, when she allows reporters at a crime scene, he berates her and threatens her with demotion.


Migdia starts out as a protagonist investigating the Seven Seas Motel crime scene of the Tamiami Slasher. She immediately botches the investigation by intimidating a potential witness and misinterpreting evidence. It sets the pace for a long list of failures to come.

Ultimately, Migdia follows Dexter to the storage container where Brian (Tamiami Slasher) is keeping a captured Deborah with the purpose of letting Dexter kill her. He hopes it will sever his bond with his adoptive family and the Code of Harry. Migdia contemplates shooting all three of them -- Brian, Deborah, and Dexter. However, after Migdia manages to wound Brian, she is stabbed to death by him.

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