Michelle Ross
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Rya Kihlstedt
Season Six
First Appearance
The Angel of Death
Full Name
Michelle Ross


30s to 40s
Personal Status
Professional Status

Michelle Ross is a character on Showtime's series DEXTER. She works as a therapist who is called upon by the Miami Metro Police Department to offer assistance to their operatives. Following an officer-involved shooting early on in Season Six, she is personally assigned to Lieutenant Debra Morgan.


Michelle Ross is a woman in her late 30s to early 40s with mid-length, curly brown hair and a kind, understanding expression. She has bright blue eyes and often wears reading glasses, though she removes them when listening intently to to her patient. She is always seen wearing professional clothing, fitting of her role as a psychiatrist.


Michelle is an open-minded individual who knows how to ask the right questions in a supportive manner She ultimately breaks through Debra's protective barrier regarding her feelings and learns a great deal about her history.

In the course of therapy, Michelle discovers a fact only disclosed between Debra and her adopted brother, Dexter Morgan,(as well as Tom Matthews). Michelle becomes one of four living characters who are aware that the Ice Truck Killer and Dexter are biological brothers. Later, in Season Seven, Maria LaGuerta learns of this, also.

Debra, Michelle, and Dexter

Besides having to deal with the aftermath of the shooting, Debra has the added stress of following the Doomsday Killer Investigation and being unable to save Erin Baer's life, as well as the emotional turmoil between herself and Joey Quinn. Even her brother, Dexter Morgan, is "further away" from her than she could ever have imagined. Debra now can rarely speak to him on a personal level and she is constantly surprised by his actions.

Although Debra avoids her initial meeting with a therapist, she is confronted when Michelle Ross unexpectedly enters her office. Reluctant at first, Debra opens up about her inner feelings over time. As the sessions progress, more focus is put onto Debra's dependency on Dexter and her failed relationships with others. Michelle's questions begin to ignite the thought in Debra that she is in love with Dexter, which may be at the root of her problems. At first, Debra denies this and grows angry at Michelle, but Debra soon accepts that this could be true.

When Debra enters a church crime scene to tell Dexter of her feelings toward him, she witnesses him killing Travis Marshall. This totally bewilders her, and Dexter's explanation that it was an impulsive kill doesn't satisfy her. When she searches Dexter's apartment, she finds his blood slides and kill tools, which forces Dexter to admit that he is a serial killer. This knowledge places a huge amount of additional stress on Debra.

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