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Michael Angelo:

Michael Angelo: Flirtatious Tattoo Artist

Michael Angelo is a character in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She is a tattoo artist that has worked for two years on Vince Masuka's body art.


After Jandro Mendoza, a young hostage, has his throat slit by Carlos Fuentes during a police raid, Angel Batista and Debra Morgan interview him in his hospital room. He says that he saw a small tattoo on his assailant's hand. Debra asks if he can draw it, and Jandro makes a crude sketch of the tattoo. Angel thinks it looks like an “UFO.”

Debra searches for a tattoo expert to help make sense of the drawing, and Angel suggests she talk to Vince Masuka. When Masuka reveals to Debra that he has a large tattoo of his own, on his back, of a nude woman warrior riding a dragon, she mocks him. Masuka blows off her comments and says that if the tattoo was done locally, his tattoo artist will know about it.

Vince takes Debra to his tattoo parlor, where she speaks with the woman who runs the place - Michael Angelo. Debra shows her the drawing of the tattoo and Michael Angelo says that it’s definitely an eye, but can't tell her anything more.

Michael Angelo appears quite interested in Debra and speaks in a flirtatious manner. Before Debra leaves, she puts the moves on Debra by taking her hand, holding it for several moments, and telling her to come back to see her at any time. Afterward, Debra warns Vince not to speak of the incident.

The “tattoo” later turns out to be hand stamp for Club Mayan.

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  • Her name is a take on the famous artist Michelangelo, who created such works as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.