MSU Campus

MSU Campus

Miami South University (MSU) is a fictional college in Showtime's series DEXTER.

The Bowls of Wrath tableau happened here. Also, in a later crime, a man was burned alive in a parking garage elevator.

Season Six

Dexter Morgan suspected that the next victim of The Doomsday Killer victim would be Trent Casey, a controversial college professor who promoted atheism. He learned that Casey's next lecture would be at the "Brunner Hall of Science." Dexter went there and listened to the professor, along with his students. When the class was over, Dexter tried to warn Casey, but to no avail.

After Dexter looked up the location of Casey's office, which was Room 401 at "Scarnes Hall," he returned with Travis Marshall to head off the murder. However, Dexter was trapped inside an elevator. When Travis released him, Casey was missing, leaving behind traces of blood in his office.

The next day, Dexter and Miami Metro Homicide were called to a crime scene at Casey's lecture hall. Casey was laid out on a table - dead. His blood had been drained, his insides hollowed out, and his right hand cut off. Also, the Alpha-Omega symbol was carved into his abdomen. When Vince Masuka moved Casey's arm, a cascade of blood poured down upon him, along with Dexter, Debra Morgan, Mike Anderson, and Angel Batista.

Season Seven

The burned corpse of Leo Santolongo is found in a nearby parking garage elevator. The killer is Joe Jensen, aka The Phantom Arsonist.

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