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Paul's Motel

Dexter outside Miami Motor Court, before he breaks into Paul's room

Miami Motor Court is a location in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It's the motel where Paul Bennett stayed after being released from jail.


Paul Bennett is rolling joints in his motel room when he sees a shadow pass by his window. He cautiously opens the door to find that it’s only Rita Bennett, his estranged wife. He tries to coax her inside but she refuses to enter the room. Rita presents the divorce papers that he refused to sign while he was in jail. At first, Paul resists, but Rita stands strong. He relents and signs them when Rita promises to let him have supervised time with the children once a week.

Rita is with Dexter Morgan in Dade City, where he is taking care of personal business. On the second evening there, Rita is enjoying herself at Joe Driscoll's House with Dexter, Debra Morgan, and Rudy Cooper when Paul unexpectedly calls her from his motel room. Sounding a little drunk, he tries to make Rita feel guilty for him missing a visit with their children.

Paul becomes an increasing problem and Dexter debates killing him. Looking for a reason to justify it, he breaks into Paul's motel room while he is at the circus with his kids. Immediately, Dexter notices prominently displayed photos of Cody and Astor. When Dexter searches through drawers, he discovers pot and a gun, but decides that it’s not enough for Paul to deserve death.

While Dexter is still in Paul’s motel room, he experiences a panic attack. He has flashbacks of the Shipping Yard Massacre and the Marina View Hotel’s blood-filled room.

Later, Dexter knocks Paul out at Rita's House, and takes him back to his motel room. Dexter injects Paul with heroin, places his gun nearby, and makes an anonymous call to the police. Paul is arrested and sent back to prison on a parole violation, which delights Rita.

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