Dexter Homicide Dept

Homicide Department

Miami Metro Homicide is a department within the Miami Metro Police Department,

It is the central department within both the DEXTER Showtime Series and the Dexter Novels.


While the Homicide Dept. is generally run by Lieutenant LaGuerta, it is often taken under control by Deputy Chief Thomas Matthews.


Detectives on the force handle their various cases, as well as assisting others in the field (as seen during the Bay Harbor Butcher Case under direction of Frank Lundy's Task Force). Many of the detectives only have their last name revealed.


Forensics are the key resource to providing evidence to support the cases of Detectives. Without that assistance, in most cases, not enough evidence would be available to help put away dangerous criminals.


Homicide has many cases they cover each year; however, certain cases become a prime focus for multiple detectives and they usually center around Dexter Morgan in some way.

Main Cases

Minor Cases

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