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Dexter carries Debra to his boat from Miami Central Hospital

Miami Central Hospital is a location on Showtime's series DEXTER.

It is the place where Oliver Saxon was arrested and Debra Morgan suffered a stroke.

It is also the birthplace of Harrison Morgan.

Season Three

Dexter accompanies Rita, pregnant with Harrison, while she undergoes an ultrasound exam at Miami Central Hospital.

Season Eight


After Det. Debra Morgan received a gunshot wound from Oliver Saxon, she was transported by ambulance to this hospital.

To cause a distraction in the hospital so that he could enter, Saxon cut out Dr. Turner's tongue and sent him into the hospital, choking on his own blood. Nurses rushed a nearby wheelchair to him, and discovered that his tongue was missing. Dexter confronted Saxon inside the hospital and Saxon pulled a gun. He was immediately arrested by Angel Batista and taken to jail (where Dexter later killed him).

Meanwhile, Debra stopped breathing and passed into a coma. The nurse informed Dexter and Joey Quinn that Debra had suffered a major stroke triggered by a blood clot that formed during surgery. Dexter docked his boat outside of the hospital, where patients were being moved due to the oncoming hurricane. He entered Debra's hospital room and approached his comatose sister. He leaned close to her and expressed his rarely seen emotions. Not wanting Debra to continue living in that condition, he shut off her life-support, and wheeled her out to his boat during the chaos of the evacuation. He then drove his boat farther into Bay Harbor, where he gently dropped her into the water, watching her disappear forever.

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