Miami Blades

Miami Blades Ice Hockey Stadium

The Miami Blades Ice Hockey Stadium is a location in Season One of Showtime's series DEXTER.

It is a 20,000 seat arena, home for the Miami Blades, and a crime scene.

This is the location where The Ice Truck Killer displays the neatly packaged body parts of Sheri "Cherry" Taylor.


The Ice Truck Killer leaves his next dismembered, bloodless victim in the goal area of the hockey rink. Dexter shows up at the crime scene, walks through the lobby and into the arena where he's impressed by the killer's showmanship. Debra arrives and recognizes the severed head as that of a prostitute named Cherry, a friend from her days working Vice in the red light district. When Debra tries to discuss the case, Maria LaGuerta is condescending and sarcastic to her.

Later, they discover a surveillance tape which shows the arena's missing night watchman,Tony Tucci, laying out the dismembered parts of the victim's body on the ice.

Initially, Tucci is suspected of being The Ice Truck Killer, until the real killer severs Tucci's hand and leaves it on display in Petrie Beach.

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